A Critical Look at the Ad Agency, Marketing Partner Search Process

Maybe it’s obvious, but if the objective is to find and hire the very best agency as a partner to foster the success of a brand, then beginning that search with the most qualified candidates is imperative. That’s neither an easy or simple assignment.

There appear to be many choices one could use to find those candidates, and although that’s true, most will offer a curated directory of agencies where many don’t even know they are there. That data has been scraped or “curated” and then compiled in a searchable format. However, that data is generally only that available on each agency website, and most agency websites are themselves shallow in detail.

Planning the agency search

Remember the Yellow Pages? As a directory using defined categories of experience, they alphabetically listed any business with a phone. Phone owners could purchase larger displays, but think back – was that information ever really helpful? YP.com says of itself today “The original source to find and connect with local plumbers, handymen, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, and more.” A selection from that subset is generally based on location or reputation (learned elsewhere).

Directories are do-it-yourself, do-it-alone propositions. Unfortunately the displayed candidates in a search are often put forward, not based on their specific characteristics or qualifications, but based on what they paid to appear top-of-list. Not helpful to the searcher, but clever and profitable for the website.

If one is able to discern all these impediments and has time and talent to manage, then directories offering differentiation such as “Top Agencies in New York”, Top 10 Agencies” “Best Agencies in California” are fine.

However, if best & most suitable is the objective, then consider the very few that offer true database selection along with human consulting assistance. Those offer best-of-both-worlds to include more precise search definitions and search by meaningful variables including vertical market experience, services offered, media experience, market specialization, compensation options, where none are positioned by having paid.

Their services include consultative management and sometimes offer agency invitations and follow-up. That invitation process if often overlooked or undervalued but getting your opportunity in the hands of those qualified agencies is no little matter. Agencies today are very selective in which opportunities they pursue or even respond to, so your best up-front efforts could fail if your delivery fails.

Choosing your search partner is your choice; choose carefully. We’re here to help.

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