Summary Steps – Short Listed Agency 

To determine if you wish to compete for this account, follow these simple steps:

1.  Study our Request for Dialogue. This information will help you understand why your firm was selected and guide you to respond accordingly.

2. If there is a conflict or if you choose to decline without calling, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY.

3. E-mail (preferred) the client as instructed to schedule your introductory telephone interview. Introduce yourself (they know you’ve been invited and are expecting your outreach). Hold your telephone interview prior to or soon after the “Client Contact Deadline” date in the invitation. To connect, you may find more than one attempt may be necessary & leave messages.

4. Your profile attributes, your qualifications and website got you this far; now explore chemistry.

5. Ask questions until you satisfy yourself you want the business.

6. Become a Contender* (then compile and send RFD materials) – or let them know you choose to decline. (Not necessarily in that call, but as soon as possible thereafter)

7. If you decline, please notify us immediately so others can be substituted if necessary.

8. To move forward (as a Contender*), let the client know by sending: Thank you e-mail and Agency brochure (if not the same material as on your website); relevant samples sent via e-mail as PDF’s or hard-copy by USPS, FedEx, etc.; brief sales letter (and RFD response) asking for the business

9. Follow up with the client to determine when they wish to schedule your agency physical or Zoom visit.


If your agency chooses to become a Contender* the Fee must be paid if you have an open subscription balance.

Agencies not fully fee-paid agree to make their remaining fee-payments if they elect to become a Contender*. That’s why you’re authorized to conduct one no-cost telephone due-diligence interview with this client (if you have paid the Manager Plan $500 Registration Fee) so you can decide if you will accept or decline this opportunity. Following that single interview, if you choose to accept and contend, and upon timely receipt of your Contender Fee, you become paid-in-full for this invitation. Clients advise us which agencies become Contenders*. Prior to the telephone interview, you also have the option to elect the EVP Business Plan. See PLANS & PRICES for details. Fee-paid agencies at this level are free to respond to this invitation and all others for a full 12-months.

A Contender* is any invited agency that doesn’t decline and takes any action intended or expected to enhance their competitive position following the single initial client telephone due-diligence interview.


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