2021 -2022 Agency Plans & Prices

Annual, affordable agency new business development plans

Our programs are simple and straight-forward, with easy to measure ROI. Developed and fine-tuned from years of experience teaching and training agencies in the fine art of new business development.

To BeginVisit Getting Started on all Plans

Register and build your Profile, then update as often as you wish. It’s a free 12-month listing-only.
Pay your $295 Active Fee; you’re fully fee-paid for 12-months of unlimited client invitations.
Pay your $500 Registration fee; you’re fully paid for 12-months of unlimited invitations and due-diligence client telephone interviews.
$2,000 - $5,000
Following your due-diligence client telephone interview and on your first Contender* decision, pay the Contender fee (ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on budget) and you’re paid through final presentations. Total agency Contender fees capped at $5,000 over 12-months. Contender fees less than $5,000 credited to 12-month total.
EVP Business Plan
Or Pay $2,995 Annual Fee prior to your due-diligence telephone interview and you’re fully fee-paid for 12-months. No Registration Fee; No Contender fees. Unlimited invitations, due-diligence interviews and contentions. Plus automatic first-right-of-refusal referrals on near-by low-budget searches.
* A Contender is any invited agency that does not decline and that takes any action intended or expected to enhance their competitive position following their client telephone due-diligence interview.

Program and prices subject to change without notice.

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