UK/EU Membership

UK/EU Membership

Effective, affordable agency new business development

Every tool and every service ever invented was a result of someone thinking: “there’s got to be a better way.” AgencyFinder is the culmination of thought and application by experienced marketing communications business development professionals.

AgencyFinder Subscription Plan is simple and straightforward and ROI is easy to identify. Your initial instalment gets you up and running with minimum investment and delay. The balance becomes due when you accept your first pitch opportunity – which could be just days away.

Total Annual Subscription Fee = £3,295. The fee is paid in two installments.

£295 is paid on-line by credit card at registration by credit card transfer or agency cheque. Your agency is encouraged to make real-time unlimited updates and adjustments to your on-line data. If you also register to receive our PitchCast new business reports, you can fine tune your profile to suit the types of searches you see taking place.

Remaining balance of £3,000 is due only if and when, during those twelve months, your agency decides to accept at least one pitch invitation by choosing to become a contender. A contender is an invited agency that takes any action intended or expected to enhance their competitive position following the allowed single initial client telephone due-diligence interview. An invoice will accompany all invitations. Payment shall be made by credit card or agency cheque upon acceptance of pitch invitation and once paid, any subsequent invitations you receive during that same twelve month period incur no additional costs.

In the course of 12 months, total agency fees are capped at £3,295. If you do not receive any invitations to pitch during the subscription period, the £3,000 balance will be cancelled.

Budget Option: Once you’ve registered and paid your £295 instalment, you have the option to pay your remaining balance anytime during the first 30-days and prior to accepting a pitch invitation. If you do so, we grant a 20% discount and you pay only £2,400. Ask your AgencyFinder Consultant for information on any aspect of the AgencyFinder Subscription Plan.

Money Back Promise:
Within the first 30-days of your registration and data entry, if your AgencyFinder Consultant informs you that our service may not be appropriate for your firm, you have the option of receiving a refund of your initial £295 payment. Upon refund, your profile will be removed from our active database and will no longer be accessible to searching clients.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pitch Invitations (i.e. Introductions) - Based on the precise nature of the AgencyFinder search process, pitch invitations (introductions) match clients with a limited number of agency candidates based on attributes, characteristics, essays, case histories and agency websites. Exceptions that may justify an agency decline include:

A. Client conflicts - confirmed by agency data file or other agency evidence.

B. Agency “capacity” - agency is excused but agency record is made “off-line” and remains so until the agency requests to be made “on-line.” Such action does not affect the subscription, and does not merit a credit or adjustment. “Capacity” is no longer an issue, since agency accepts responsibility to be taken off-line if a similar situation exists again.

C. Data errors - if agency confirms that checked items in the database are no longer relevant or never were, agency is granted one exception, but should correct and update the agency profile.

Payments - The agency has ten business days to consider, accept or decline participation in the review and is entitled to one due-diligence client telephone interview to aid in that decision. Agency may decline by telephone, but should confirm to AgencyFinder in writing via email, fax or letter. Clients are notified when an agency declines and such agencies are removed from further consideration. Otherwise, payment must be received within fifteen business days of invitation and prior to first agency/client meeting.


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