Getting Started on All Plans

Thanks for your interest in enrolling. Regardless of size or experience, everyone starts at Iridium. In our original scheme of Gold, Silver and Platinum, Iridium (a white metal) was where everyone began.

Regardless of where you go from here, first build and finish your profile.

When finished, that’s your default Iridium. Set it “Active” and we’ll approve it. A completed profile earns a Power Index score of 100 and that’s what you want. Please note – Iridium is a free 12-month “listing-only.” Meaning – you can be found but not invited, and you aren’t eigible to hold the crucial due-diligence client interviews. At Iridium, you can also be found at Agency Namefinder. It’s your AgencyFinder business card & more. For all that, update as often as you wish – there’s never a charge!

When you’re ready for new clients:

And ready to hold due-diligence interviews, come back here because you’ve got a decision to make. If you’re a new or smaller firm, sign up for MANAGER PLAN. Pay your $500 Registration Fee to enroll for 12-months of invitations and your “due-diligence” client telephone interviews. However, if your firm is established or larger, sign up for EVP BUSINESS PLAN. For $2,995 that’s 12-months fully fee-paid with no Registration Fee and no Contender Fees.  It’s our best deal! One invite on the Manager Plan with the minimum $2,000 Contender Fee and you’re just $495 short of EVP and you’ve still got the year to go. As our Chairman suggests, if he were you – he’d select EVP Business.

Little secret … If you’re invited at Manager, prior to your due-diligence interview, make payment for the EVP Business Plan ($2,995) and we eliminate your Contender Fee. You’re paid-in-full for the next 12-months.

To exit, select Manager Plan, EVP Business Plan or go Back.

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