Southern State Healthcare Products Manufacturer & Distributor Has Two New Products to Introduce

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We are a manufacturer and distributor of ergonomic products for back and neck care. We sell only to retailers, catalogs, e-tailers, medical professionals, and other distributors. We have 2 new products we are importing from Australia that are patented and we want to get the brand name of these products out to the market.  We are a small company with a small sales force. Gross sales about $3.7 Million. Initial thought is to start with public relations. Budget: $50K fees

Exciting New West Coast Social Media Integrator is Ready to Tell the World About Their Service – Needs Your PR Skills

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Our revolutionary, evolutionary new service lets you gather all your friends information flows in one place with ease and never lost the track. It is a convenient environment for users to follow friends news in social networks, create favorites lists, follow same friend in different networks, view media content, share news in all possible directions, promote your posts.

Features: Broadcast news from one social resource to another with a single click or with use of drag-n-drop feature; View media content like photos, videos, audios without boundaries; Introduce yourself and invite new friend from one social network to another; Create custom favorites list to follow people you care most about. Budget < $100,000 PR Fees

Eye Care & Eye Sight Healthcare Advocacy Seeks Broadcast Specialist

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The Macular Degeneration Association is a voluntary non-profit health agency under IRS section 501(c)(3). Its mission is to alert and educate the public about ways to reduce vision loss occasioned by macular degeneration, the number one cause of legal blindness.

Our mission will be greatly enhanced if we can reach large segments of the population in major media markets across the country with a clear and compelling message. We would like the agency to produce short messages to air on television station either as public service announcements or paid messaging. Budget $500,000 +

Human Egg Donation Agency Needs Increased Exposure to South American and US Gay Communities

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We are an egg donation agency. We help women and gays who are looking to build their families through Assisted reproductive Technology. We have built an egg donor list specializing in Jewish Egg donors but are not seeing the desired results. We wish to become the 1 agency for South American Spanish speaking women needing an egg donor or a surrogate to come to in the US. We also see the gay community demand as a market we can satisfy. We have been in business for 7 years and are ready to take our business activity to the next level. Budget: Less than $100,000 PR Fees

Special Public Relations Opportunity for Animal Lovers & Animal Rights Advocates

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The Nonhuman Rights Project will be filing a series of lawsuits on behalf of specific nonhuman plaintiffs. The first will be in the fall of 2013 in a northeastern state (NY, DC or MA). Website: The slides on the home page of the website are designed to give a simple overview of the project. Mission (short version): To change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty. We will be asking a common law judge to recognize a specific animal (most likely chimpanzee or elephant, for whom there is clear scientific evidence of high cognitive abilities and self-awareness, and who is currently suffering from being held in abysmal conditions of captivity) to recognize this plaintiff as a legal person with the capacity for appropriate rights – specifically the right to bodily liberty. We expect that the case will be appealed to a state high court, thus setting a valuable precedent. We will then proceed to file a growing number of similar suits in other states. Budget $40,000 fees with balance pro bono.

Invitations have already been extended, but if we missed you and you’re interested, let us know.

New York Facilities Management Company Servicing National Retailers Needs Your Help

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We prefer a small to mid-size company with experience marketing, branding and advertising to national retailers, preferably working with similar-type companies. This would include: Company brand messaging (taglines, elevator pitch, etc.) Print ads Sales collateral (overview brochure, company-branded folders, whitepaper) with a corresponding PowerPoint template Web home page integration. We are interested in re-branding. We are looking for an agency in the New York, metropolitan area. Budget <$100,000 Fees, production & media.

Global Equity & Fixed-income Assets Investment Advisory Firm Seeks Greater NYC PR Firm

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This client has offices worldwide but primary interest is for public relations in North America. They seek a PR firm in greater metro NYC with experience and expertise in the investment management industry also to assist in their global equity visibility. The more you show success in this vertical the better. Budget $100,001 – $250,000 range.

Distributor of Workwear, Safety and Janitorial Products Needs Help Developing Strategy for Limited Budget

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Our company is commited to providing customers with the premium workwear, safety and cleaning products they want, when they want them, and at a price that meets their business needs. This commitment is backed with outstanding customer service based on extensive industry knowledge and experience. We achieve that through a commitment to continuous improvement in service quality; dedicated teamwork and personalised customer account management. We’re based in London and serve that and the surrounding areas. Budget TBD.

International Computer Aided, Online, Speed Reading Learning Application uses Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Beta

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We’re creating a computer aided, online, speed reading learning application that teaches users how to increase their reading rate and how to remember better. Public beta is scheduled for fourth quater 2012. We will do a crowdfunding campaign and need an agency for a supporting promotion campaign so people actually get to know our project and start supporting it. Therefore we need assistance in three steps: 1: Reviewing and – if necessary – improving the projects video and text presentation used at the crowdfunding campaign. 2: A promotion campaign to support the crowdfunding campaign with the goal of getting publicity and getting people supporting our project. 3: Once the app is released (scheduled for early 2013): A second promotion campaign to get people using our (free) service (his step depends on the success of step 2).

We’re in Austria and prefer an agency here on in the UK. Budget TBD

New York Client Says You Can be Anywhere; But You Need Mortgage Industry Experience

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AgencyFinder is managing an review for a New York company working with mortgage brokers, title insurance companies, settlement service companies, lenders and relocation companies. Through the combination of software and existing inventory, they pride themselves in producing Attorney prepared documents at considerable savings to their clients. As a B2B firm, their prospects are relatively easy to identify. Now in their tenth year, they’re well-respected and well-ranked in their industry and ready to experience compound growth. They don’t require much agency “face-to-face” so your location is not as important as your knowledge and experience in the mortgage and legal verticals. They used our pull-down menu to identify their initial budget in the $150K – $250K range (fees, production & media)

The Assignment: They want your agency to help take their company to the next level. As a national firm, their clients are everywhere in the US. They respect the value of professional marketing and seek a hands-on marketing partner. If you’re not interested in being their first agency, please don’t apply.

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