International Computer Aided, Online, Speed Reading Learning Application uses Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Beta

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We’re creating a computer aided, online, speed reading learning application that teaches users how to increase their reading rate and how to remember better. Public beta is scheduled for fourth quater 2012. We will do a crowdfunding campaign and need an agency for a supporting promotion campaign so people actually get to know our project and start supporting it. Therefore we need assistance in three steps: 1: Reviewing and – if necessary – improving the projects video and text presentation used at the crowdfunding campaign. 2: A promotion campaign to support the crowdfunding campaign with the goal of getting publicity and getting people supporting our project. 3: Once the app is released (scheduled for early 2013): A second promotion campaign to get people using our (free) service (his step depends on the success of step 2).

We’re in Austria and prefer an agency here on in the UK. Budget TBD

New York Client Says You Can be Anywhere; But You Need Mortgage Industry Experience

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AgencyFinder is managing an review for a New York company working with mortgage brokers, title insurance companies, settlement service companies, lenders and relocation companies. Through the combination of software and existing inventory, they pride themselves in producing Attorney prepared documents at considerable savings to their clients. As a B2B firm, their prospects are relatively easy to identify. Now in their tenth year, they’re well-respected and well-ranked in their industry and ready to experience compound growth. They don’t require much agency “face-to-face” so your location is not as important as your knowledge and experience in the mortgage and legal verticals. They used our pull-down menu to identify their initial budget in the $150K – $250K range (fees, production & media)

The Assignment: They want your agency to help take their company to the next level. As a national firm, their clients are everywhere in the US. They respect the value of professional marketing and seek a hands-on marketing partner. If you’re not interested in being their first agency, please don’t apply.

Are You Willing to Work on a Contingent Fee Basis? Here’s an Opportunity …

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Marketer writes … Announcing Our 3 New Exclusive Ad Mediums That Cut Through All The Traditional Media’s Clutter, Deliver Your Unforgettable Message, Dominate Your Competition, Give You An Unfair Competitive Advertising Advantage And Get You The Results You Want And Need. Guaranteed We provide agencies and principals with the most effective, exclusive advertising mediums ever devised – getting you the results you need. Guaranteed … Our attention-getting unique, exclusive mediums include the first North American Advertising Airships Fleet, the first remotely-managed Digital Advertising Signage Network and the first Digital Advertising Trucks.

We’d like to hire an advertising agency familiar enough with varying mediums to package each of our advertising mediums (primarily our planned Fleet of Advertising Airships and Digital Advertising Signage Networks) so that their exposure is maximized among media buyers, other agencies and principals.

We’re willing to put in place an agreement that awards the agency for performance. In other words, the more space we sell on our varying mediums, the more money the agency makes.

If interested, Contact AgencyFinder at 804-346-1812

Small Package Delivery Service asks the Proverbial Question …

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We are a small package same day delivery service headquartered in Pennslyania and operating throughout the tri-state area. We are a broker working with independent contractors, rather than having our own fleet of vehicles. We have a new CEO who came on board a few months ago and discovered that the company has NO marketing program. We have two very “fundamental” brochures and have had random promotions in the past that had no central focus or program. We need help, don’t you agree? Budget TBD.

International Manufacturer Wants to Start with an Audit; Go From There

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We manufacture stainless steel wire ropes and fittings for architectural railings, safety systems, signage displays and plant trellises.  We would like to discover if we are advertising in the correct magazines and websites, and based on this, if we should increase or decrease our spending in said magazines and websites. Are there additional places we should be, should we utilize social media, should we attend more trade shows, etc. Willing to start from scratch as far as evaluating our message and materials.  As it is now, we advertise in architectural magazines and specific websites. Current budget between $100,001- and $250,000.

Southern States Bank Trolling for Public Relations & Public Affairs Partner

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We offer Online/Retail banking, investing and wealth management; residential lending, direct, retail, wholesale, correspondent Commercial lending Equipment leasing Servicing. Our pic-list includes Corporate Positioning, Strategic Message Development Writing Press Releases Media Pitches Op-Ed Pieces Executive Scripts Media Talking Points Q&A Integration with Investor Relations Team, Social Media Consultation, Brand Monitoring Media Training Media relations Top tier financial press (CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ) Video Print Blog Crisis communications Planning, executions Consent order Crisis planning Natural Disaster Bank Robbery Security Breach Rumor Identify and pitch Surveys Awards Speaker series Guest Editing opportunities Cause Marketing consultation Event planning and support Sponsorship activation. Budget $250,001 – $500,000 PR fees.

Canadian & Indian Telecommunications Giant Needs Branding & PR

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Our company is headquartered in Canada and mainly deals with North American and Canadian market. Our delivery center is in India so our Marketing Department is based in India. We are looking for US-based agencies to assist us in Marketing and PR activities We are looking for a marketing and PR agency to help us get better brand visibility. We are doing a first level research to shortlist few agencies who can help us in branding and PR activities. We will not come to Canada for review and the agency will be maintained by team in India in coordination with team in US. The services provided, related commercials and the industries served will be given higher weightage. We have not fixed any budget yet, once we shortlist few agencies, we will discuss it with our management and will finalize on the budget and the final agency. (We gave suggestions & instructions to the contrary!) Budget – TBD

Basic & Advanced Combat Training – How’s That for Team Building!

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We have a company that offers basic and advanced combat training for organizations interested in team building for their employees. We offer 3 and 5 day boot camps that instruct students to specifically work together for a common goal. Our difficulty has been target marketing of larger corporations, but have we had success marketing other classes to interested individuals. Our instructors are all ex-military or law enforcement trained professionals. Targeting corporations both locally and from afar that would be interested in a dynamic, fun, course for team building purposes.

Sexy Women’s Lingerie – Could Use Some High-Touch Public Relations Assistance

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We’re a Southern California women’s intimate garment retailer where our business with the consumer is conducted on the Internet. We’ve been in business for more than 9 years and are privately owned. Our product assortment ranges from sweet demure to racy leather and patent. More than half of our assortment is our own line, the rest we buy from various manufacturers. We are looking for a traditional PR firm to assist with magazine and TV placements. We do not need much in the way of social media PR, blogs, internet, etc. We are seeking traditional PR. At the moment our budget isn’t large but it is a solid $4,500 per month.


Hughmongus, World-Famous POS Manufacturer Needs Packaging, Branding & Hand-Holding

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AgencyFinder is managing an agency review for a global company headquartered in the Midwest. As a B2B manufacturer and marketer of POS systems, they plan to take a fresh look at marketing partners and have asked us to assist them in identifying qualified as well as interested candidates. They used our pull-down menu to identify their initial budget in the $1MM – $2.5MM range ( fees & production – no media ) The Assignment: They need a new marketing partner, maybe more than one – depending on how much they can find under one agency’s roof. There’s the need for fresh branding and brand strategy, coupled with many other needs running the gamut. See below for how they defined that. 

Wish we could tell you more, but can’t do that quite yet. We can suggest they would be a bright spot in your client portfolio! Their Request for Dialogue included the following: FIELDS SERVED: Computers, computer peripherals, Computer systems & design, Retail stores & chains (optional), telecommunications & Data Communications.


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