Highly Unusual Deep-South Bioinformatic Corporation Toe-Dipped for Marketing Assistance

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As a member of the XXX Group with major offices and production facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, we’re an international provider of DNA services, DNA synthesis products, and bioinformatic services for academic and industrial research. The company’s strength is its strong customer orientation, fast service and high quality products including a series of advanced oligonucleotide design tools. We’re lowering a product turn- around time significantly, and looking for a national campaign. Especially focused on areas with large amounts of business but NOT a big city (eg. Atlanta, San Francisco). Budget TBD

Re-Branding Review for Easter Region Facilitator in Professional Services Sector

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Client wants “Re-Branding” review. Their B2B activities provide business, legal and financial services to many of the world’s largest domestic and international companies. They partner with some of the world’s largest banks and commercial lenders. Their services cover almost every aspect of corporate, legal and financial solutions. They used our pull-down menu to identify their budget in the $250,000 range (fees only – no media) The Assignment: The company seeks to achieve a more powerful brand presence in its markets to reflect and position the stature and excellence of the various services and products of the company. They need to develop a brand strategy that marries and supports the company’s diverse competencies and strengths to support sales, profitability and growth.

West Coast Financial Services Vertical Needs to Re-Brand & Renew

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AgencyFinder is managing a review for a West Coast company in the Financial Services vertical. Their B2B work involves the US mortgage industry. They offer a full suite of hands-on and automated services to support what they do. They used our pull-down tool to identify their budget in the $120,000 range to cover whatever combination of fees and production deemed appropriate for accomplishing their marketing objectives. They state: We need to re-brand our company to reflect our current capabilities and services. We’d like the ultimate brand to project that we’re larger than we’re perceived and we want to be taken seriously by larger institutional clients. We’ll need a fresh approach to our sales collateral, sales presentations, web site and tradeshow booth. We don’t anticipate a name change or logo redesign, just a more professional look and feel. We are approaching an anniversary, are profitable and growing each month. We’ve obtained a substantial market share, and are looking to accelerate sales growth to hit our ambitious targets. We are also entering new markets with our core software and services.

Popularity of Hands-Free Devices Prompts West Coast Search

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We are a manufacturer of hands-free devices for businesses and consumers, focusing on Bluetooth and corded stereo headsets. We need a firm that has experience marketing to and about the music industry, where we want to launch a line of stereo headsets. We’ll have a soft launch Q4 for a related product, then a heavy push in 2013 Q1 for the stereo product line. Prefer a smaller agency that would help us craft an innovative go-to-market plan into a crowded marketplace. We are currently in the market with similar products and need to further expand our market share.  Budget $250,001 – $500,000 all inclusive.

Much Like AgencyFinder But in the HR Sector

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Much like AgencyFinder we help people find companies that can provide a needed service. In our case we connect corporate HR recruiters to 3rd party firms (aka ‘Headhunters’). We’re an Eastern Region client but our marketplace is nationwide. We suffer from low brand recognition and are looking for an agency that can help us create some brand awareness. Current budget for this is $5,000 per month. We anticipate this work to be branding and public relations (no media).

Upper New York State B2B Manufacturer Looking for New Creative, Proactive Marketing Partner

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AgencyFinder is managing a review for an upper New York State B2B manufacturer of productivity tools for the office. This company has been in business over 40 years; catalogues more than 2,000 sku’s, has a positive reputation with a large “direct” customer base; has a domestic website traffic ranking near 100,000 and has introduced a new product they see as the Coca- Cola item they’ve been searching for.  They created it, make it, own all rights, have unusual technical capability in its manufacture and have good sales momentum already under way. 

They want a marketing partner capable and willing to explore all techniques and media alternatives including ad creation, ad placement, ad marketing theme development, video creation, public relations campaigning, trade show support and social networking among other ways for effective product storytelling. They are wide open to ideas for anything that will work within their established factory-direct-to-end-user marketing distribution profile. By example, their existing website uses extensive demonstration videos.

They speak of a lasting long term relationship with a business-to-business market savvy firm who can quickly grasp what they have and bond with the vision they have for their new product.. They’re looking for a marketing partner to generate national attention for their new product line. The product almost sells itself, so frequency of exposure to the widest targeted audience is the game. They have hundreds, more like thousands of other products that will benefit from the new efforts, but for now, they have their own budget and it’s not part of the assignment. They used our pull-down tool to identify their beginning budget between $100,001 and $250,000 (fees, production & media), but it’s their intention to grow this advertising story-telling investment quickly and strongly as soon as they feel comfortable and confident in the agency’s creative effort, quality, understanding, work ethic, attitude and dedication to their goals. A few initial factory visits are anticipated to establish understanding and rapport, but anticipate rather quickly that client/agency communication and subsequent work can be done remotely.


Renowned East Coast Medical Center Seeks Transition with New Voice & Brand

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The agency we select does not necessarily have to have a lot of healthcare experience. As a top tier medical center, people from around the world contact us when they are making major life/health treatment decisions.  So an agency that has experience in other big life decision markets such as travel/tourism, higher education, commercial real estate, corporate consulting, and wealth management/banking — where clients all have other very good options (aka our competition) would be valuable. We are not looking for a big agency, but prefer a small to mid-sized agency where we will be one of the larger clients and get the personal service of the agency leadership.  Budget $1MM – $2.5MM fees, production & media.

International Vehicle Rental Firm Searching for European Digital Agency

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Digital creative agency with European offices required to provide digital creative strategy across online display media and social media content. European account management skills are key as well as online tools that will simplify feedback and sign off processes from individual markets. Knowledge and passion for the new technology that is being introduced within the digital advertising arena is essential. Budget: £100,000 – £250,000 (client to provide details during initial telephone interview) Covers: Advertising (fees, production)

Australian Manufacturer of Nutritional and Nutraceutical Products for Equine Athletes and Equestrian Horses Needs You!

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We’re looking for an agency to help with our marketing to the equine industry. The criteria we seek is: 1. Knowledge of equine industry, the more the better 2. Strategic thinker 3. Communicator 4. Digitally savvy   We can handle the design elements and placements etc. What we seek is someone to design campaigns, and guide my existing staff with implementation. So the person we are looking for is likely to be a solo-practitioner with connections in the racing and equestrian industry. Budget starts small and modest …

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