Telecommunications & Data Communications Manufactuer (Atlanta US Headquarters) Seeks PR

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Privately held UK-based limited company specializing in telephony equipment for monitoring and media applications for fixed, wireless and IP networks. Offer VAS/OSS applications in fixed and mobile networks. Specialists in lawful interception, monitoring probes Media Platforms and telephony boards.  Looking for media relations and public relations for our B2B environment. Budget TBD.

Fairborn, OH Builder Needs Advertising Assistance

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General building contractor with limited knowledge about marketing wants help from someone who does!  We’ve got a myriad of construction services to offer and even have an on-line store.  Ready for professional ads and social media.  We should be an appreciative client if you’re looking for one like that.  Thinking we can afford to spend something short of $100,000.

Texas Neurological Center Dedicated to “Brain Health” Wants to Hire Marketing Partner

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Non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical specialty center needs creative marketing partner.  Our non-medication procedures aren’t covered by traditional health insurance, so we must reach those in need with the ability to self-insure. Patients speak highly of their recovery and some will testify.  Service requires office visits, so patients are either regional, or with long-distance transportation.  Open to all media alternatives; let’s discuss budget as it relates to your choices.


Multi Antioxidant Manufacturer Open to Marketing & Publicity Options

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We own and manufacture a multi antioxidant developed at #1-rated cancer center, patented as a formulation capable of protecting against cancer and boosting the immune system, thus also effective in protecting against other diseases.

We are interested in marketing services to promote our product through different channels. Advertising is a supplementary or related marketing effort. We have been selling the product since 1995 primarily online and with a few distributors. It has been basically via the Internet. We are open to suggestions for improving and expanding our channels, including traditional advertising media, joint ventures, etc. South Texas location; budget to be determined.

Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Seeks PR Partner for National Attention

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We are looking for a public relations agency that will garner national attention. We currently have a Las Vegas PR agency that does a good job with the local press, but now we need to get our news out on a national basis.

Can’t say much or we’ll give away our identity, but if you’re an “out of town” pr firm or integrated firm with pr capability, with gaming and hospitality experience and credentials, we’d like to hear from you! And yes, beyond hospitality and gaming, we’ve got great shows – for adults and the family. Budget – $100,001 – $250,000 public relations fees.

TV Media Group Featuring Reality “Clubs Action” seeks Agency Assistance

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Club TV is a start-up company broadcasting on selected networks during the month of April in the South Florida market. We will be expanding nationally within the next year. Our website will be a 24 hour online TV network with commercial content to be sold. Looking for an agency to help promote the show and attract advertisers. An emphasis in the liquor and music industry would be helpful as our content is video of clubs all across the country and the world.

Our content appeals to an audience primarily made up of 20-35 year-olds, although 35-50 has been our largest viewing audience during trial runs. Budget $250,001 – $500,000 for advertising (fees, production & media)

Calgary, AB Client Seeks Nimble Firm to “Pull-it-Off,” One Event After the Other!

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The Opportunity: AgencyFinder is managing an agency selection review for a B2B client in Calgary, Alberta. They’ve identified their event budget as under $100,000 and are seeking to find and hire a marketing partner with experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Their primary audiences are professionals who recruit, retain and develop engineering talent. They produce employment conferences and also assist companies with their recruitment needs and recruitment training.

The Assignment: Define advertising strategy for our next “2012 Empowering Women Engineers” conference. Implement an automated drip marketing campaign to turn leads into interested prospects and registrants. Create extensive attention to promote our event as a media extravaganza. Select and distribute premium promotional products to help establish company’s name and brand. Conduct marketing research, identify and implement programs and services that extol our event comparative advantages, define the ideal customer, write a marketing plan.

The Ideal Candidate: Looking for powerful, motivational copywriting, branding, publicity, event planning & design. Ideal candidates are located in Canada or Northern Midwestern US and have experience marketing to those with technical education. Best bet – a nimble firm that can help us “pull it off” one event after the other!

Compare & Contrast; Sort & Review to Make your Selection – Can You Help?

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We’re currently in Beta developing a new and exciting platform for selecting vendors, Internet resources or products. It’s all hush-hush right now, but if your firm excels in the Internet, SEO, SEM, Social media and all the latest “buzz”, we hope you surface as we conduct our search. AgencyFinder folks tell me that many agencies have yet to lay claim to the newer services – please do so for our and your sake.  More to come …

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