Prospect – Ocean Cruise Operator Seeks Agency to Build Websites and Mobile Apps, East & West Coast Locations

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Imagine the best combination of ocean cruises, harbor cruises and tour operations. The most pressing needs are for new comprehensive websites and companion mobile apps. But beyond that, there will be collateral, signage, and other miscellaneous. Big budget anticipated, between $200K – $500K. You will need previous experience in Cruise Lines, maybe Boats & Boating. Location not a factor. Speak up!

A Non-Profit Dedicated to the Conservation of Certain Bird Species & Other Wildlife through Habitat Improvements & Public Awareness

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We are looking to develop an Ad and Marketing campaign for an effort to launch a new partnership. The effort enrolls landowners into a program that established high quality pollinator habitat for the benefit of honey bees, monarch butterflies and a wide range of wildlife. We are looking for the development of a Brand Identity and Logo, Communication plan, traditional advertising, development of a website, search engine optimization, social engagement (social media campaign, design and management, content creation, etc.), design of a partnership launch to take place at 2 national events. Location: Midwest, Budget $100,000 – $250,000

Nothing Worse Than a Musty Refrigerator or Spoiled Food – Help This Manufacturer Get the Word Out

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Simple non-technology solution keeps food fresh and crisp for days, up to 30 days in the refrigerator. 100% natural, organic and recyclable. Homemakers and chefs love it. Our new product is ready for a push to the consumer. Do you have CPG experience? Foods and food service experience? Are you located in the Southeast? Let’s get together and talk. Budget TBD

Vibrate This! Shake That! We’ll Get it Clean Come Hell or High Water!

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We provide ultrasonic process improvement technologies, to large processing companies that are losing capacity/efficiency due to fouling and unplanned shutdown events. We want to explore ways to reach our audience segments. We’d like to be able to measure our approach to which audience segment(s) we generate first tier conversations with. (and why ) Location: Canada, Budget $100,000 – $250,000 in fees and production. Location: Probably Ontario or North East.

If You Live Where We Are, You’ll Appreciate our Services Year-round!

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Full sales and service Midwest plumbing and heating firm (also offer air conditioning) wants to ramp up their outreach to local residential HVAC and plumbing service customers. They want to learn you have heating and air conditioning plus plumbing experience; also expressed interest in loyalty marketing, marketing plan development and mobile apps. Budget to be determined.

50 Year-Old Furniture Manufacturer Wants to Promote Anniversary & More.

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Short and to the point – We are a family owned, American furniture manufacturer in business for 50 years. We’re located in the West and would like to increase awareness of the company in general and in particular publicize this anniversary. We’d expect you to have previous experience with furniture and home furnishing clients. Budget around $100,000 (fees)

Want Work on Spicy Foods? This Producer in Food, Food Service Business Seeks Agency for Comprehensive Assignment

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At the moment this client’s products are sold “private label” (offered ready-to-eat in supermarket cafeterias or frozen for take- out). Their product is manufactured frozen, for the frozen food aisle section, and its cooking application is baking. They are looking for an agency to help with brand strategy, creative, media buying, digital/social/mobile, and PR. Located in the South, talking of a budget up to $350,000.

Russian Works of Art; an International Collection

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Client represents: Educational /History segment of official but ultimately intimate function of the Russian Monarch (autocrat). Collection of unique decorative ARTS (limited collector’s editions featuring the Silk Imperial Crown). In addition to all intellectual property rights. Plans for the exploitation of all venues of market application this monumental Imperial possession offers. Budget (not yet confirmed) $1,000,001 – $2,500,000

North East Tobacco Retailer Ready for Public Relations Assistance

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The Opportunity: AgencyFinder is managing a review for a US North East tobacco retailer. This company has been in business for years; has customers world-wide serviced through mail-order. They have an elaborate e-commerce website, and publish and distribute product catalogues. They continue to meet marketplace demands through internal growth and cross-departmental collaboration of fully staffed marketing, merchandising, web development and creative groups. They are a most impressive company and will surprise you as they did us!

The Assignment: They’re looking for a firm with significant PR capabilities and with top contacts within the news, financial & men’s lifestyle publication industry. Their intention is to increase the consumer awareness of their company through content placements featuring or referencing their company and their products and to reap the ancillary SEO benefits from this type of PR strategy.

They have authored their Request for Dialogue and indicate a budget of $10,000/$15,000 per month. Whether you’re a full-fledged public relations firm or a marketing firm with considerable public relations capability and experience, this could be perfect. Let us hear from you!

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