Idyllic West Coast Port City Seeks Extensive Tourism Marketing Services

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The “City” is requesting proposals from qualified professionals/firms to provide tourism marketing services as part of the ongoing implementation of its adopted Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan. Tourism is a main component of the City’s Economic Development Strategy, as well as the General Plan. It is an important topic and customer source for many businesses, organizations, and stakeholders.

The Plan, completed in 20010, states the “City” is a focal point for dining, shopping, California history and art, set in a beautiful waterfront location”. Per the Plan, our primary target audience is Northern Californians on a day trip, particularly women over age 35, families, and households with above-average incomes. The website enforces that brand and is intended to provide all necessary information for visitors to plan their trips. Some advertising is currently placed with local magazines, and there is one digital sign-board.

Scope of Services may include: Marketing- Content/support. Provide technical assistance to other tourist-serving organizations regarding their marketing, events, and cooperative efforts. Publicity, including writing and distributing press releases, generating and placing feature stories with media outlets, outreach to local freelance writers, and tour operator outreach. Review co-op and other opportunities and other tourism promotional opportunities. Monthly e-newsletter. Client/Community/Public Liaison- Respond to routine Client requests. Attend Client meetings in person. Attend additional meetings of public bodies or community organizations Respond to community citizens and groups inquiries. Media Buys/Advertising- Develop advertising plan. Develop creative content for Client’s approval. Implement advertising plan. Budget: TBD

North East Sign Company Wants to Increase Exposure to New Markets and Expand Current Customer Offerings

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We’re a producer of “wholesale only” custom signage products and we’re committed to providing customers with products and services that meet their quality and timing expectations. Signs, signs, signs – you name it. Large, small, lighted, non-lit. We’re located in the North East but we ship anywhere. Installation instructions always included. We’d like to explore public relations and trade shows. Budget around $100,000. You should enjoy if nimble and quick; show us and then we’ll grow the budget.

We Make Learning to Read Fun for Children, Teaching Reading Skills with Videos and Games

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We’ve invested aggressively to build an on-line platform that teaches children how to read. Animated videos and games using HD graphics and lovable characters captivate young school-aged children, turning them into active, confident readers. We need to increase domestic and South American subscriptions. Our product as packaged is perfect for Walmart, Target, Walgreens and so on. Have you helped educators? Do you know children? Let’s connect. Budget range $100,001 – $250,000 for initial 6-months. West Coast location.

Unusual Company Creates & Manages Patient Support and Disease Awareness Programs that Aid Patients

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Our clients include best-in class-life science organizations (medical device and pharmaceutical companies, health systems, insurance companies, etc.) that desire to gain industry market share and competitive advantages through patient acquisition and activation strategies, marketing initiatives and patient relationship management (PRM) programs. We are looking for an agency partner to help us tighten up our corporate identity, branding, and messaging. Potential expertise in social presence and PR. Healthcare focus nice to have but not mandatory. West coast location; Budget $100,000 fees only

The Ultimate B2B Client – Their Products and Manufacturing Processes are So Specific, if We Said More, You’d Know Them!

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This Eastern region client is well known as an innovative problem solver using advanced manufacturing technology and engineering know-how. They have clients in oilfield, aerospace, chemical, hot gas, water purification, beverage, edible oil and food and pharmaceutical industries. They say they are primarily looking for PR, case studies, web maximization, SEO, blog / social media development and implementation. Advertising is difficult because they are valuable niche players in a broad spectrum of applications / industries. Budget (no media) to start – $100,000

Armor-Piercing Bullets Aren’t, But Body Armour and Security Products are the Specialty of this Company and They Want Your Help

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This South East company manufactures their own line of body armour from vests to helmets to face masks to backpacks. Everything ballistic. They compete against brand names and need to increase their online presence. They spend about $15,000 each month at Google and see their first step to find a more effective way to spend that money. Are you a gun-toting, root’n toot’n agency? They want to talk.

A Significant Virginia Landmark Needs Your Help with Major Transformation

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This Virginia State Park is under the new management. The Park sits on more than 1,600 acres, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors are drawn to the property, once owned by Thomas Jefferson; it’s been touted alongside world renowned attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

The assignment is to transform the park from the one day roadside attraction to a 2-3 day educational, historical, outdoor recreation overnight destination that connects guests to the greater County activities and attractions. Current budget not to exceed $500,000.

Texas & Utah Internet and Terra Firma Gaming Firm Seeks Partner-in-Crime

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Ours is a nationwide annual summer learning challenge for those in elementary school. Call it fun; call it a game; call it what you want – it’s Internet and hands-on learning and good clean fun at the same time! The experience offers the perfect way for children to spend the summer. Pay attention; do your homework and you could win a college scholarship!

Create and help us execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow our current Beta customer base from 500 to 10,000 participants. Identify and effectively manage customer acquisition costs in various channels. Identify best marketing practices for future scalability and growth. We have no preconceived thoughts on media alternatives and look to your firm to illustrate your thoughts for cost- effective marketing. As a national business model, agency location is not a factor – we are looking to grow exponentially …

Student “tuition” is targeted at $200 per student. Student and parent feedback has been excellent. If you see your firm as a candidate, we have an illustrated fact- filled RFP that is part of the invitation. Our launch date for the 2015 season itself is June 22nd 2015. Budget indicated as between $500,001 & $1MM. We’re working between Austin Texas and Salt Lake City Utah. Could you be ready?

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