Low Budget Searches

Special process when your budget is less than $100,000

You’ve been directed to this page because we manage a search like yours a bit differently. You’ve identified your budget as less than $100,000, so it’s likely you or your management has yet to define that figure, or you may be expecting the agency to help you do so. Low budget searches are inherently more difficult for agencies because a low budget client is often working with an agency for the first time. Agencies are well aware of the inherent difficulty working with a “first-timer” because the “educational” component is difficult to explain and difficult to get paid for.

But that’s where AgencyFinder paves the way. Our initial and subsequent interviews with you and your management, coupled with our subsequent endorsement, help diffuse those concerns and allow invited agencies to reach out with assurance.

If you’ve read about our process, you know our agencies pay an annual fee for introductions and the opportunity to compete for your business. If their anniversary is at hand, when they receive your invitation and choose to contend for your business, they would need to renew. See North American Membership. In order to decide to compete for your business, they weigh your opportunity (that’s what the due-diligence telephone interview is for), they consider other new or existing business already on their plate, they weigh potential conflicts, and then consider their investment against potential return.

We know you want qualified agencies vying with enthusiasm for your business, so we handle these differently. Employing our Client Sponsored Search option, they’re quick to respond because you’ve agreed to pick up our modest search management fee. In so doing, the agencies are exempt from any additional fee payment other than their initial $500 installment.

Client Sponsored Search Option  – Your single $5,000 payment covers our entire search process on your behalf.  Agencies weigh your opportunity at face value, and respond with the enthusiasm you desire.

Here’s what you get:

  • Use of our AgencyFinder.com on-line search platform
  • Initial & subsequent client telephone consultations
  • Request for Dialogue (RFD) document production
  • Multiple agency on-line searches
  • Candidate identifications (from on-line search engine results)
  • PitchCast Brief authorship & preparation
  • PitchCast Brief e-mail broadcast and agency solicitation
  • PitchCast Agency response management
  • Candidate spreadsheet assembly
  • Agency invitation – document production (e-mail and fax)
  • Agency invitations – e-mail and fax transmittals
  • In-process client consultations
  • Internal record keeping
  • Regular spreadsheet status updates
  • Presence at your “finals” (expenses only)
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