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The growth of an agency is not a mystery. It can be easily traced back to those companies that it chooses to do business with. When one of those companies is responsible for new business development leads, it is even easier. Our agency has had the pleasure of working with AgencyFinder for years and over that time, we’ve enjoyed many opportunities ideally suited to our strengths, office locations, areas of specialty and client budget goal. The leads that come from AgencyFinder are more than leads; they’re introductions, from a respected source directly to the decision maker who has had the opportunity to review our profile and is ready to accept dialogue on a specific engagement, not a hypothetical wild goose chase. Two of the clients in our current portfolio were AgencyFinder leads; we start work with a third in Q2, and we are in the final stages of securing a fourth. When you join AgencyFinder, are leads going to come to you every day? No. But when they do, they’re quality introductions to financially secure companies who are ready to buy. I hesitated to write this letter of recommendation for Charles and his team, only because I’d like to keep them to ourselves, but I feel after what they have done for us to help grow our business, its the very least we could do. Thank you.

December 1, 2014

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