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Identify agency characteristics you need using our check-off menus. Instead of writing laborious RFP’swe’ll present your candidates …

AgencyFinder is a free and confidential resource for marketers and consultants looking for new or additional marketing partners to help with a wide range of assignments from branding campaigns to advertising programs; public relations to trade shows; to web sites & social initiatives. In today’s market, that list is endless …

  • AgencyFinder’s process is objective, fast and exhaustive – all to match clients with agencies that are a “perfect fit” to their strategic and budgetary requirements.
  • You define your agency requirements. Our process presents you with a comprehensive menu to select from more than 500 data points to define your prospective marketing partner’s required attributes and experience.
  • We use a fast and objective methodology for searching the detailed profiles of nearly 6,000 agency offices worldwide to find just the right firms that fit each client’s most critical needs.
  • Each year since 1997, AgencyFinder has helped hundreds of clients find new and additional agencies that were the right size, had the right experience, ideas and the right personalities needed to make a difference in their business.
  • The AgencyFinder process is highly confidential. Only you and a few consultants at our headquarters even know you’ve registered, and only those agencies you ask us to invite will know of your search. We don’t need to make public search announcements to find qualified agency candidates. 

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