What is AgencyFinder?

AgencyFinder: the first Match Maker for an Advertising Agency and Advertiser seeking a Marketing Advertising Agency

The first and only true on-line and off-line free consulting service to match advertisers with advertising agencies …

Founded in 1997, AgencyFinder represents thousands of international offices for your consideration …

including 95% of the top-ranked advertising agencies, digital agencies, public relations firms, direct marketing agencies, sales promotion, web development, and integrated marketing agencies in North America and worldwide – established industry leaders and rising stars.

AgencyFinder provides you with a quick and objective method of evaluating marketing agency capabilities based on your needs and preferences for a marketing services partner. We also provide clients with counsel on how to conduct an effective and impartial review of the agencies who, following an introductory phone interview, indicate an interest in pitching for your business.

This process has worked thousands of times over the past decade and resulted in agencies being awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in client  business development to create and manage. The process is fast and fair. And two key principles have remained with AgencyFinder since its inception:

CLIENTS NEVER PAY* Registered Clients (advertisers or consultants working on their behalf) NEVER pay nor have they ever paid to receive our search & consulting services.

To our registered searchers (clients and consultants), AgencyFinder is an alternative to “going it alone” when it comes to identifying, reviewing, selecting and inviting an advertising agency or PR firm. But beyond the online matchmaking service we provide, AgencyFinder employs experienced consultants who guide both client and agencies to keep the process ethical, efficient, cost-effective and moving quickly according to our long-established and published “best practices.”

For Advertisers, even though agencies pay for the service we provide, we’re not “partners” with them; we’re not “in business” with them, nor do we share in their risk or reward. For Agencies, we’re a new business alternative. We’re an independent introductory service and matchmaker like eHarmony.com and Match.com but only for marketers.

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AGENCIES PAY* In North America, registered agencies pay $500 US in advance to activate their record, which entitles them to receive unlimited client introductions for 12-months and conduct “no obligation due-diligence” client telephone interviews every time their agency is selected by a client based on matching the client’s search parameters.

When introduced, and if they elect to proceed as a contender (our definition), they pay the balance of their AgencyFinder subscription.  The maximum remaining payment in any 12-month period is capped at $5,000 US, for any advertising agency, integrated marketing agency, pr firm or online ad agency of any size regardless of how many times they participate over the course of 12 months.

AgencyFinder’s fees are NOT paid on each subsequent introduction, nor are they determined as a percent of agency revenue. Similarly, AgencyFinder’s fees are NOT paid when the agency gets paid. And this is NOT pay-to-play.

AgencyFinder charges a fee for service that is rendered in two steps:

  • Step Two: Introductions and full-access to clients conducting active searches that, in the opinion of the agency, are desirable and well within the agency’s ability to pitch, land and manage.

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