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The growth of an agency is not a mystery. It can be easily traced back to those companies that it chooses to do business with. When one of those companies is responsible for new business development leads, it is even easier. Our agency has had the pleasure of working with AgencyFinder for years and over that time, we’ve enjoyed many opportunities ideally suited to our strengths, office locations, areas of specialty and client budget goal. The leads that come from AgencyFinder are more than leads; they’re introductions, from a respected source directly to the decision maker who has had the opportunity to review our profile and is ready to accept dialogue on a specific engagement, not a hypothetical wild goose chase. Two of the clients in our current portfolio were AgencyFinder leads; we start work with a third in Q2, and we are in the final stages of securing a fourth. When you join AgencyFinder, are leads going to come to you every day? No. But when they do, they’re quality introductions to financially secure companies who are ready to buy. I hesitated to write this letter of recommendation for Charles and his team, only because I’d like to keep them to ourselves, but I feel after what they have done for us to help grow our business, its the very least we could do. Thank you.

December 1, 2014

Larry Meador, CEO - Brand Catalyst
evok advertising
Orlando + Memphis + Los Angeles

We have worked with AgencyFinder since 2004. They clearly have the resources to help businesses or brands to identify an appropriate marketing partner. For agencies they control the reviews with integrity and transparency which makes them an incredibly trustworthy resource for any agency and/or business. Chuck and his staff are a dream to work with. The site is easy to work on and the reviews we have been invited to participate in are organized, thorough and the overall process is simple. Since 2004, they have been responsible for contributing a significant amount of revenues to our bottom line, and, not to mention, we have built many wonderful relationships with various businesses and executives. I would absolutely recommend AgencyFinder to anyone on either side of the desk (client or agency) that is looking for a responsible, reliable partner who can bring significant value to the marketing and advertising process and efforts. Although it would be impossible to predict how business will be in 2012, one thing for sure, AgencyFinder will be a big part of our new business planning process.

November 29, 2014

Glenn Sagon, CEO/Partner
Los Angeles, CA

While we haven’t yet landed an account, we have been selected in several searches. Chuck, has always been a professional who is a pleasure to work with.

November 27, 2014

Carey Jernigan, Vice President
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

My company and I specifically have worked with Chuck Meyst and AgencyFinder for a number of years now. We are absolutely delighted with the leads that we have received. Every time that we made the finals the account was appropriate for our agency because they had read about us and actually selected us based on our essays. As a direct marketer for over 30 years I am a big believer in the Call to Action and here it is… go to right now!

November 25, 2014

Brent Kuhn, Vice Chairman
Atlanta, GA & Overland Park, KS

The Monogram Group has worked with AgencyFinder for several years. Over many interactions, I always find them to be knowledgeable, fair, professional, responsive and thorough.

Finding new business opportunities that match your strengths is always challenging, especially for a mid sized agency that doesn’t have a national reputation. However, even though they have thousands of agencies registered in their database, I feel Chuck and his team know my agency and do a great job to tee up the RIGHT opportunities for us. They don’t waste my time. Also, they have done an excellent job of crafting a specific process that serves the needs of agencies and clients equally, and they deliver on a strong value proposition for everyone.

I would highly recommend them to other agency friends.

Besides, Chuck always makes me laugh.

November 23, 2014

Scott Markman, President
The Monogram Group
Chicago, Illinois

Chuck looks at a potential client/agency relationship from both sides of the coin, and conducts the critical due diligence required to ensure future relationship compatibility. Our experience with AgencyFinder is they bring together partners who are matched well with each other’s needs, experience, expertise and most importantly, expectations.

And Chuck’s witty, incredible sense of humor (albeit dry at times) makes it all the more fun working with him. Although our discussions are serious business, he has an uncanny way of bringing them down to a very personal, human level.

We’ve had nothing but very positive experiences with AgencyFinder, and Chuck in particular. We certainly plan to be long-time partners with his firm based on the value he’s consistently brought to our agency.

November 30, 2014

Jim Perkins - Vice President, Partner
Carton Donofrio Partners, Inc
Baltimore, MD

Sometime back when I received a call from Chuck Meyst and his folks from AgencyFinder I was very curious. Truthfully, I had never heard of them. Then I made a phone appointment with Chuck, and after 15 minutes I could tell this guy was a total professional and knew what he was talking about. I also realized that he works for many clients to help them select a broad range of agencies.He paired us up very well with two distinguished clients and we are now 2 for 2. Amazing! I would recommend Chuck and his company to any Ad Agency. My only hesitation is that now I’m widening my competitive set.

November 28, 2014

Frank C. Ginsberg, Founding Chairman and CEO
Avrett Free Ginsberg
New York, NY

AgencyFinder helped get Mastermind on a list of finalists for a potential client that was not even on our prospect list, and they had a significant budget. AgencyFinder provided the background, introduction and helped keep us informed throughout the process. The service definitely was a smart investment – we would have had to pay others several times AgencyFinder’s fee.

November 26, 2014

Dan Dodson, CEO
Mastermind Marketing
Atlanta, GA

Woodbine has been working with AgencyFinder for several years and had many strong new business opportunities come our way through their service. In fact, one of our largest and most high-profile clients today came as a result of our engagement with them. The process is simple. Once you take the time to craft your agency listing, all you have to do is make periodic updates and Chuck and his team do the rest. They are very good about alerting us when our listing has been viewed so that we can check it and update if necessary, and the leads that come our way are always qualified so there’s no question on our end as to whether the client in question would be a good fit with what we do. It’s definitely a service worth serious consideration.

November 24, 2014

Kris Kriofske, Director of Marketing
Winston Salem, NC

Agencyfinder has been good for The Phelps Group, and the clients who found us there. DirecTV came to us via Agencyfinder and was a major account for 5 years until they moved to NYC.

Your process is efficient and fair to both the agencies and the clients. Thanks for being there!

October 17, 2014

Joe Phelps
The Phelps Group
Santa Monica, CA

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