Why AgencyFinder?

Because advertisers need to find and hire the very best agencies for projects and long-term engagements

We assume you’re looking for firms labeled marketing, advertising, branding, digital, social, integrated or public relations. But Google searches are  time-consuming, location-specific and frustrating. Traditional ad agency search consultants can be pricey, so unless your budget is considerable, you could be left to fend for yourself.

Complimentary New Tool and Service

AgencyFinder.com introduced the Internet’s first and only on-line and off-line industry consulting service that put agency search in client control. For more than 26 years we’ve been connecting advertisers looking for a marketing agency with a marketing agency looking for new clients, and doing so with unmatched precision. Plus our in-house consultants offer complimentary advice and assistance.

A Powerful, Efficient Service for Marketers

We give you a powerful, efficient, no-cost service and tool to identify and evaluate agencies that “test” to be a perfect “fit” for what you need. The combination of an on-board search engine and extensive agency-produced profiles allows for targeting best candidates for interview and hire. You should be looking for agencies with experience in your vertical, with the breadth and depth needed to handle your account. Seldom are curated (scraped) “Top” or “Best” (because they paid to be) directories of any real value.

Clients and Agencies need each other

In the ever-evolving world of marketing firms and clients, each one needs the other. Clients evaluate agencies by their industry experience, their size, location, trophies and personalities. Agencies evaluate clients (whether for branding, advertising or public relations) by their budgets, reputations and personalities. Here at AgencyFinder we deal in agency/client matchmaking as just described. And as has been our slogan since day one – Search & You Shall Find!

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So What’s an Agency to Do?

You can practice the tried and true mail something, then call to discuss regimen. Once connected you strike up conversations ending with your suggestion – “Would it make sense for us to get together and meet?” Once you get face-to-face, practice the fine art of “asking & listening.” When the comfort level has risen, politely but firmly ask for the business. But be advised, in recent years, there’s been a sea change such that today’s big push is for “inbound” and “content.” They go hand-in-hand since relevant quality and content can draw clients to your website. And for those who never mastered the fine art of making an outbound telephone call, it’s a godsend! Embrace the fact that engagement options these days are endless.

The Real Deal

Maybe you’re an advertising agency looking for new clients but you recognize you’re faced with 30,000 potential competitors. How do you plan to compete for your proper share of the client market? Little secret – do something, almost anything because so many of the “others” are doing nothing! Another  little secret – let AgencyFinder introduce you.

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