AgencyFinder Celebrates 20 Years Finding and Hiring Advertising Agencies for Clients.

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This easy, precise and free service is designed for marketers with budgets less than $75MM

Advertisers seeking the very best in marketing agency partners (i.e. – ad agencies, digital, social, integrated and PR firms) find their searches complicated and often expensive. Traditional search consultants can be pricey and a normal unaided Internet search can be frustrating. Unless the budget is considerable, the client CMO is often left to fend for themselves.

In fall 1997, Charles “Chuck” Meyst, Chairman & CEO of Business Partnering International, Ltd. recognized that fact and along with industry veterans, introduced, the Internet’s first and only on-line and off-line consulting service to match advertisers searching for a marketing or advertising agency with an advertising agency seeking new clients …

That search process then and now draws upon a database of more than 8,000 domestic and International marketing offices with managed profiles containing in excess of 500 data fields. The first search pass is done by the onboard search engine; the last pass(es) are done by AgencyFinder consultants. Clients review all candidates, then AgencyFinder extends agency invitations. The turn-key service is offered to clients in all categories at no-cost; registered agencies sponsor the service with their annual participation dues.

Chuck Meyst comments, “I’m pleased and proud of the many advertisers and agencies we’ve introduced over the years and many are still working together. I never cease to be amazed by the clients who register to search and where they are located. One day Los Angeles; next day Tokyo. And with budgets from less than $100,000 to more than $100 Million. We’re best suited for client budgets less than $75 Million; larger than that the traditional search consultants have those companies covered!”

Advertiser Testimony:

About – is a service and dba of Business Partnering International, Ltd. (BPI), a Virginia corporation. The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with clients and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships. Searching is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice provided by BPI’s executive staff.


Charles G. Meyst, Chairman & CEO
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Online Ad Agency Search and Selection Platform Expands to Match Changes in the Marketing Industry.

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Publicity increases its footprint in the industry to include listings from branding, PR, design and social media firms.

(Richmond, VA – August 7, 2015) –  “The only thing that remains constant in the world of marketing is that nothing ever stays constant,” says Chuck Meyst, Chairman and CEO of, the marketing industries largest online service dedicated to the search, selection and invitation of service providers specializing in marketing and advertising. “And as we’ve been asked by more and more clients to help them find firms who have competencies in areas other than traditional advertising, we’ve responded by opening up our database to the entire marketing industry.”

The database – widely considered to be among the deepest and best maintained database of viable ad agencies and PR firms in the USA – is now being updated to include listings from branding and digital firms, design boutiques, social media agencies and more.’s Meyst says an “all points bulletin” on the database upgrade went out to the 3,100+ registrants currently in the database and he’s expecting to add even more firm profiles over the next few months.

Citing a rise in the number of requests for digital and social media campaigns this year, Meyst confirms the change at reflects a longer-term shift he’s seen among clients who are breaking their business down by specialty and then searching for the right service providers for each piece. “That’s a switch from the old ‘agency of record’ relationship that clients and ad agencies used to enjoy in the past,” he explains. “As businesses are looking for ever greater returns on their “marketing investment” they’re putting pressure on brand and marketing managers to squeeze their suppliers and marketing partners even tighter.”

The result, says Meyst, is a fierce desire to find people who can do the job, do it creatively and do it at a great price. “That’s where can be of tremendous benefit.”

The standardized system Meyst and the team have perfected over the past two decades requires clients to provide critical information up-front in order to help identify the best possible candidates from among the 3,100 records and 7,700 locations currently in the database. The marketing service provider profiles that best fit the parameters of the client’s RFD are then presented to the client for a fair and objective evaluation in order to identify the “best fits.” then assists the client in arranging initial telephone interviews, followed by in-person tours with short-listed prospects and provides guidelines for conducting a final evaluation and selection (and may assist in that final selection process, if requested by the client).  The majority of the work in the review is performed by the client using the database and phone consulting service – both of which are provided at no charge.

The cost for providing access to the database, consulting service to the client and upkeep of the database is borne by the marketing service providers who register annually to the service.

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About AgencyFinder – AgencyFinder is a service of  BPI, Ltd., a Virginia corporation founded in February of 1997.  The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with clients and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships.  Searching is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff.  Advertising agencies and public relations firms (right-sized for budgets less than $100,000 to more than $100 million) pay an annual registration fee to be in the on line database and eligible to participate in reviews.


Contact:  Mike Bawden   Principal – Bawden & Lareau Public Relations

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AgencyFinder’s 2015 Growth and Survival Tips for Marketing Firms

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AgencyFinder’s CEO provides 5 tips on expanding business and attaining new clients in 2015.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Because the coming year poses new business expansion challenges for advertising and PR firms, AgencyFinder, the marketing industry’s largest online search and selection service, has released the top five ways to recruit new clients in 2015.

Soft measurements like “awareness” or other “feel-good” metrics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. New business will come to the agency that understands the “hows” and “whys” behind what they do.

The team looked closely at the primary obstacles faced by the leading marketing and business publications over the past six years, and with the results, were able to identify the top five ways to land new marketing clients in the new year.

  1. Find the right prospect and make sure the right prospect can find you. This means examining how your agency is presented online, and re-evaluating the various “channels” you use to generate leads.’s profile process helps ensure high quality matches with prospects looking precisely for what you have to sell.
  2. Spot new opportunities before they arise. Over the past four years, major brands have reacted to newly evolving consumer segments by diversifying their agency portfolios via assigning new brand extensions (with smaller budgets) to small and medium-sized agencies.
  3. React quickly to opportunities. Whether it’s responding to a request for more information from a prospective customer or evaluating real-time data from a client’s website and responding with a new campaign idea that extends their brand’s message, agencies are expected to react quickly and professionally to opportunities when they occur (whether that falls into a traditional production cycle or not).
  4. Prepare for slow pay from big clients. As procurement departments continue to exert more and more pressure on the agency-client relationship, agencies and PR firms are sure to see more pressure build for greater “accountability” and more bureaucratic red tape when it comes to getting paid on time.
  5. Be accountable for the right things. While some agencies may push back on the client’s desire to hold them more accountable for measurable outcomes (see number 4, above), please note that this is often standard protocol. Soft measurements like “awareness” or other “feel-good” metrics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. New businesses will come to the agency that understands the “hows” and “whys” behind what they do.

AgencyFinder CEO and Chairman, Chuck Meyst comments, “Many of the challenges facing marketers today are also faced by the agencies who want to help them succeed. Every year, industry trade publications and associations come out with their lists of the top challenges marketing professionals face. With a hint of irony, he continues, “And with very few exceptions, the lists are pretty much the same thing they were the year before – with a few new adjectives and hot marketing buzzwords salted in for flavoring, of course.”

The professionals at helped facilitate 191 new agency-client relationships in 2014, proving that these tips lend results. The firm guarantees an objective review of 3,000 international marketing service providers to help locate the right firms to execute new opportunities as they arise. With this online service, agency-client interactions are immediate. offers face-to-face meetings between marketers and agencies both early on and in final presentations. After the initial credentials review, AgencyFinder works to get clients and agencies together for an on-site agency tour and chemistry check.

“We’ve seen great long-term partnerships develop,” says Meyst. “I think a lot of that has to do with the quality of the matches that result from having both the client and the agency complete and then make evaluations using detailed surveys outlining their requirements and capabilities.”

Visit or to begin consultation on how gain new clients in 2015

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Think it’s time to find a new ad agency or PR firm?

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Richmond, VA (PRWEB) December 04, 2014

Marketing assignments from brands around the world – worth millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars – find new homes with new marketing, advertising and PR firms every week. “Don’t let the pace of account turn-over trick you into thinking the market is growing,” warns’s Chairman and CEO, Chuck Meyst. “In fact, when an economy experiences a slow rebound like ours, account turnover is a sign that marketers are being more creative and thoughtful with regard to whom they entrust their brands and their money.”

“The worst thing a company owner or brand manager could do with their marketing budget is hastily move it from one service provider to another without carefully considering the consequences,” explains Meyst. “We function in a profession where people craft perceptions for a living. A change in agencies can be perceived as a harbinger of change – with new creative, fresh ideas and a bold voice coming soon.”

“As a result, I’ve seen clients get fooled into thinking they have to make a change as a reaction to a competitor’s move. And that can be a disastrous mistake.”

Meyst’s AgencyFinder has been in the business of helping business owners and brand managers identify, contact and engage marketing service providers like full-service advertising agencies and PR firms for nearly twenty years. The company uses a unique blend of personal counseling (usually provided by Meyst, himself) and a rich database of information on over 7,500 marketing service operations with some located in Europe, but most primarily in North America.

AgencyFinder conducted over 180 searches so far in 2014 and predict seeing even more search activity in 2015 as the economy continues its slow climb. Over the company’s past eighteen years, has been involved in over 11,000 agency search and selection reviews.

“Most of the searches we conduct are for companies with project or account budgets between $75,000 and $10 million a year covering fees, production and media, but we do get the occasional national brand interested in spending much, much more,” says Mr. Meyst. The kind of searches AgencyFinder conducts means Meyst is often in direct contact with business owners and senior management rather than a corporate brand manager – and the perspective of the entrepreneur has helped him identify three critical factors a client must consider before hiring their new marketing partner:

1.) “Don’t be too focused on regionality,” warns the founder of the marketing industry’s first, online-data-driven agency search consultancy. “Technology has made it possible for an agency on the East Coast to successfully service and produce for a client on the West Coast.” Meyst points out that service providers in some parts of the country have a much lower cost-basis than those operating out of major metro areas – making geographic location have a very tangible effect on the cost of services provided.

But it is important to weigh the benefits of working with experts in another part of the country for the need the business owner or brand manager will have for direct, face-to-face contact. “Sometimes clients just need the reassurance that can be gained by a little face-time,” he said. “So, if that’s important to you, make sure that’s a parameter in your search criteria.”

2.) “Make sure your internal decision-making process is worked out first,” continues Mr. Meyst. “I’ve seen several clients with great products, fresh opportunities, new ideas and plenty of money get the cold shoulder from perfect agencies just because the confusion inside the client’s operation meant no one could give clear direction, approvals or make a timely decision.”

The key take-away here: decision-making speed and sensibility are more important now than ever and opportunities are counted in minutes and hours not in days or weeks.

3.) His third point gets to the bottom line: “Know what you’re willing to spend to make things happen – and remember, accuracy is more important than size when it comes to identifying a potential marketing budget.” In order to get an agency’s best effort on a new business pitch, they need a clear idea of what a client is willing and able to spend so they can provide solutions and recommendations that can be realistically (and profitably) produced.

“The most successful agency-client relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding,” explains Mr. Meyst. “And that all starts at the very first budget conversation. It’s on the agency to provide their best recommendations of what can be done and then set the client’s expectations accordingly – but if they get bogus budget guidelines from the client, everyone is set up to fail.”

Once a client has completed the online questionnaire provided to initiate a preliminary database review by the AgencyFinder staff, they are contacted directly (very often by Meyst himself) to introduce the service and review the search and selection process. “Because our services are made available to business owners and brand managers at no charge, we get a lot of initial contacts,” he says. “The call I make really helps separate those folks just looking for an online directory – which we’re not – and those who are serious about finding new or additional marketing service providers.”

“In my discussions, we always work to clarify these three factors first in order to save time and make sure our one-on-one counseling leads to a successful outcome for everybody.”

About AgencyFinder – AgencyFinder and its companion web site,, is a service of Business Partnering, Int. (BPI), a Virginia corporation founded in February of 1997. The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with clients and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships. Searching is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff. Advertising agencies and public relations firms (right-sized for budgets less than $100,000 to more than $100 million) pay an annual registration fee to be in the on line database and to be eligible to participate in reviews.

– See more at:

The Powerless Rainmaker: Why Is There Responsibility Without Authority?

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The problem is they often have no “authority” to command what they need to get the job done.

In agencies where someone does actually have the “title,” the person might be charged with making 25 outreach calls each day, mailing 25 letters with great client suggestions, or searching the press for suspect activity. But if that same individual needs some paltry sum of money to purchase, subscribe to, or participate in something that isn’t free, our rainmaker runs up against the ever-present lack of authority. He needs to submit a request to someone in finance who would prefer to charge it to a client account. (Note: Some rainmakers will actually advance funds of their own and hope to get reimbursed!)

Here are three areas where you need to consider your investment and how it affects your new business executive’s ability to actually bring in new clients and projects:

New Business Budget

Is the rainmaker given a budget with the freedom to make a learned decision to spend it wisely? In many cases, the answer is “no.” Let’s revise that. If our rainmaker wants to visit a prospect to meet face-to-face for that all-important, but really ill-timed, interview, does he have a credit card to cover it? Often yes. For that trip, let’s also bring along an accomplished account person, so our trip’s expenses can reach into the thousands.

When they return home empty-handed and discouraged, generally it’s the prospect’s fault. “They weren’t a great candidate to begin with.” They chalk up those expenses to training and education, not the new business budget they don’t have anyway.

Training and Ongoing Education

There’s no actual budget for them, but when the opportunity does present itself, the rainmaker bats fairly well convincing management to pop for them. Off he goes for a day or two at $2,000 to $4,000. When he returns, he is given 15 minutes to explain to the boss what he learned during the training. And did the seminar producers “test” the students to see who actually learned what the agency paid for and report those scores to the agency? Seldom. Does agency management quiz those who attended for retention and future application? Seldom.

Formal Education

How many rainmakers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from New Business University? Or from a two-year New Business College? Or a six-week, one-month, or week-long new business seminar? Everyone else at the agency has at least a bachelor’s degree in some aligned agency topic. Begin to get the picture? Do you realize “rainmaking” is not a natural talent? This is why your firm’s new business program will continue to be hit or miss.

Your solutions should be self-evident.

By Chuck Meyst

Chuck Meyst is Chairman & CEO of, a world-wide on-line and off-line industry matchmaker and agency search consulting service. He speaks of his 17 years of experience there, at his earlier company Sales Marketing Institute and at Sanders Consulting Group.

Printed with permission from The Agency Post

– See more at: Launches New User Interface Simplifying Advertiser’s Marketing Agency Search

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Redesigned and free intuitive navigation resource helps optimize search results

Richmond, VA – (eReleases, January 21, 2014) Searchers landing on New York or home pages are accustomed to scanning the sites for topics of interest. But for those planning to use a specific service like that of advertising, public relations or marketing partner search, the visitor needs to be “vectored in.”

Chuck Meyst, Chairman & CEO at AgencyFinder declares, “Over the years, the number of services purporting to offer “advertising agency search” has grown. The advertiser seeking a new or additional relationship is now presented with a potentially confusing array of websites that offer search services from legitimate and precise to misleading and absurd!  Selecting the appropriate service is now on a par with the complexity of agency search itself.”

Meyst continues, “As the industry’s first and most robust agency search service, we revised our website to make the task-at-hand clear and apparent. Our SEO partner analyzed our historical analytics data and suggested the revisions now installed.  It’s a matter of intuitive placement, colors, button labels and design on the home page and deep within. Our stand-up video presenter also helps clarify.”

Searchers, typically advertisers or consultants hired to assist, are not expected to use the service without assistance. The corporate philosophy has always been that no automation platform alone can take the place of intelligent     human involvement and interaction. Shortly after searcher registration, staff consultants make contact to offer their free assistance.

AgencyFinder serves two masters; advertisers searching for agencies (i.e. – advertising, digital, integrated, public relations, shopper, experiential, etc.) and advertising agencies seeking new business. The home page declares – We Match Clients with Advertising Agencies; the principal buttons declare – Find Me an Agency Now >> and Enroll My Agency Now >>.

Meyst is proud of his company’s seventeen-year history functioning as an industry search consultant and match-maker, offering its menu of search services and professional consulting assistance – all without cost.


About AgencyFinder

AgencyFinder and its web sites and offer a unique match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with advertisers. 

Searching and invitation management is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff.  Advertising agencies, public relations and other marketing firms pay annual registration fees to have their profile in the on-line database and eligible to be selected to participate in AgencyFinder-managed reviews.


 Mike Bawden – Partner
Bawden & Lareau Public Relations, LLC
(563) 359-8654

Have Ad Agencies Actually Learned a Lesson? RFP Rejection Rate Hits an All-Time High.

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AgencyFinder’s CEO provides some clarity on recent reports that ad and PR firms are starting to turn away requests for proposals because of their low budgets, unrealistic expectations and vague direction.

Richmond, VA  (eReleases, November 6, 2013)  “We find most ad agencies and PR firms follow “the customer is always right” rule – it’s just that they’re now realizing not every customer is right for their business,” says AgencyFinder CEO and Chairman, Chuck Meyst. The Richmond, VA-based search and selection consultancy has helped advertisers find marketing service providers for projects and long-term account assignments since 1997, “But I’ve never seen the climate for new business be as disrupted as it is right now,” says Meyst.

Meyst cites Rupal Parekh’s recent article in Ad Age (October 25th) that provided a concise summary of a problem he’s seen developing over the past 15 months. In the article, Parekh writes: “Fourth quarter is typically when agencies go into a new-business frenzy, licking their chops for a chance to bring in fresh accounts. But a funny thing is happening this year: Many requests for proposals are leaving a bad taste in agencies’ mouths. Shops are taking a look and tossing them out.” AgencyFinder’s own internal measurements seem to bear that out.

“We conduct hundreds of small and medium-sized account searches a year,” explained Meyst. “So it’s natural for us to see an ebb and flow in deal volume every year.” He explained that search volume typically starts to back off in November and December as consumer-driven business is neck-deep in holiday sales volume and business accounts are wrapping up their fiscal years.

“One long-recognized fact for everyone – client and agency alike – is that January is a time for planning and preparation; the wheels of action and spend tend to start turning in February.  One would think that means most agency searches for Q1 projects wrap up before Halloween – but that’s not been the case this year. Instead, there’s been a quiet backlash against the old mainstay of the agency review: the RFP.

“Fees offered by potential clients are too low; timelines for pitches too short; briefing documents (i.e. RFP’s) are too vague and many marketers overstep bounds by demanding that agencies relinquish ownership of their ideas to them,” writes Parekh in his AdAge article.

“Given the staff-cutting and other downsizing work agencies have had to do to stay afloat during the past few years, the traditional demands made by a prospective new client are falling on deaf ears,” said Meyst. “And clients should be careful not to get indignant about it – there are four important facts they need to keep in mind as they try to find the right agency for the right job at the right price for 2014.”
#1 Time is of the essence

“This isn’t just some tired cliché,” says Meyst. “Advertisers need to move now and move quickly to get their ideal list of agencies identified and pre-qualified. If the advertiser has never conducted a full agency review before, they would be wise to work with someone who knows what questions to ask and what to look for.” AgencyFinder provides a free e-book on conducting an agency review on their website. Click here to view instructions on How To Get Started On Your Agency Search.

#2 Objective criteria makes all the difference

It’s easy for clients to fall in love with a long-established agency brand – but many of those big brand names have been consolidating in the last year or two. What works best is when you dive deep to find agencies with key skills that will make a difference to your business right away.  According to Meyst: “AgencyFinder’s database of over 3,000 agencies breaks each one down by more than 500 different capabilities, areas of expertise, geographic location, size and approach to business,” explains Meyst. By providing such a deep pool of data, we’re able to come up with 15-20 pre-qualified candidates for just about any client.”

#3 Economic uncertainty works to the prepared advertiser’s advantage

Securing agency-client relationships early in 2014 will play an important role in many brands’ efforts to “claim the strategic high ground” for the year in advance of primary and national elections, an roiling TV market with Olympic Games and more taking out huge swaths of availability and an explosive increase in mobile video (up nearly 300{134d34c2111681da9505ff623b30c9097f7505a873677dd5149382504667502e} over the past year).

“The last thing an advertiser is going to want to do is waste months trying to whittle down a short list of under-qualified agencies to find the “best, bad choice” from a limited talent pool,” says Meyst. “In addition to questionable talent, neglected customers and a frustrated client, the lost time will mean both client and agency are facing a completely different economic situation than when the review was started.”

#4 The advantages of an online database for reviews has never been more apparent.

“We’re able to identify a target list of pre-qualified agencies from our database in a matter of a day or two and have the first round of due diligence calls scheduled to take place within a week of initiating the search,” explained Meyst.  “Speed is a given with a service like AgencyFinder and both the agencies and client are expected to be very responsive.”

Clients are also expected to follow-through on the promises made in their brief.  That’s why the AgencyFinder model requires clients to post a performance guarantee before the search can start. “We want to make sure clients will award their project or account to an agency at the end of the process – otherwise all we accomplish is frustrating a lot of people,” explains Meyst.

“Have no fear, though,” he continues. “If the client hires an agency, the deposit is returned in full. Our service is paid for by the agencies who participate in the reviews we conduct.  For clients who use us and hire the agency that makes it all the way through at the end, there’s no charge. It’s a unique feature of AgencyFinder – and has been a part of our business model for nearly 20 years.”

# # #
About AgencyFinder

AgencyFinder and its web sites and offer a service of Business Partnering, International, Ltd. (BPI), a Virginia corporation founded in February of 1997.  The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with advertisers and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships.

Searching and invitation management is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff.  Advertising agencies and public relations firms (right-sized for budgets less than $100,000 to more than $200 million) pay annual registration fees to have their profile in the on-line database and eligible to participate in AgencyFinder-managed reviews.
Contact: Mike Bawden
Partner – Bawden & Lareau Public Relations, LLC

Five Simple Truths for Improving Advertising Agency & PR Firm New Business

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“Marketing folks are creative by nature, but not universally comfortable with prospecting for new business by reaching out to strangers”, explains AgencyFinder’s CEO Chuck Meyst.   

Richmond, VA  March 21, 2013

Battling a challenging economy and an ever-changing media landscape, advertising agencies and public relations firms still face an uphill battle for new business in 2013.

But that’s no reason to despair.

Looking back, there have always been two distinct philosophies and approaches to agency and PR firm business development; pro-active outreach (chase) and inbound marketing (be found).

In pro-active outreach, someone at the agency or an outside contractor has to initiate contact with a prospect by mail, e-mail or phone – often called cold calling.  Meyst remarks “With tongue-in-cheek, some suggest that, without permission, this is tantamount to stalking and that’s against the law!” 

The opposite approach (i.e. inbound marketing), requires inquiries triggered by social media, speaking engagements, referrals, website traffic and industry “finder” services.

Meyst summarizes: “Agencies use more new business programs than you can count, but the successful ones follow some fundamental rules that make them effective:”

1. Make someone responsible. New business is NOT everybody’s business at the agency. Hire someone or pick someone and make their employment dependent on some form of measurable success. In most cases, that will be meaningful, face-to-face meetings with pre-qualified prospects. But not “landed” business – too many others at the agency can affect that, one way or other.

2. New business is NOT a natural talent.  See to it that your new business pro gets professional sales training from professionals. A webinar here or there does not qualify. Like CLE credits, new business training should continue.

3. Relax your spam filters! Any IT Director can keep e-mails out. The whole idea is to let prospects (including Certified Search Consultants) find you and make their inquiry.

4. Let your website tell your story.  Prospects want to know what you’ve done (show them category experience), services you offer, where located, who and how many work there and who runs the place (pics and bios). Until they “friend you” they won’t care much about your blog. And please – don’t make that your home page!

5. Chase or Be Found. For those who chase, consider the universe. In categories where they advertise, you’ll find more than 11 million companies. But screen for annual sales over $1M and that count drops to 700,000. If these are your prospects, you need to know what kind of clients and type of business you handle best. Know where you can find them and how your approach will resonate.

As important as selection criterion is for any business you’re chasing, it’s even more important for those clients who are actively seeking a new advertising agency or PR firm to define what they seek.

Hoover’s database identifies 48,500 marketing service agencies (SIC 7311 & SIC 8743) in the USA today. Break it down to those firms with 6 or more employees and the count drops to 8,600. At 25 employees, the count drops to 2000!  A surprisingly small and suspect universe.

The AgencyFinder “finder” Process

For those that shudder at the thought of making hundreds of phone calls, there’s the “finder” model (i.e. – where experience confirms searching CMO’s are looking to find and hire new or additional marketing partners now, not sometime down the road!  In that example, the precision of the “finder” process quickly narrows the search to a bucketful of qualified candidates. The AgencyFinder staff even does the “heavy lifting” – sending invitations and a Request for Dialogue to the client-selected agencies. To wrap it up, their staff also fields questions and provides guidance to both client and contending agencies.

If your marketing firm doesn’t have a relationship with a “finder” service, it’s time to explore one!

About AgencyFinder

Founded in 1997, AgencyFinder’s agency search and match-making service is offered at no cost to advertisers and their marketing staff. The service is funded through subscription fees paid by voluntarily registered agencies seeking to be found and hired.


Charles Meyst – Chairman & CEO
(804) 346-1812 or 1-877-XFINDER

Source:, March 21, 2013

Ad Industry Match-Making Service Offers Free New Business Audits to Advertisers & Advertising Agencies

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AgencyFinder addresses the questions – Which agencies are ideal for your account? Which advertisers would hire your agency?  

(Richmond, VA)  Advertisers and marketing firms, – (i.e. advertising agencies, integrated marketing communications firms, digital and public relations firms), are now able to benefit from free audit services designed to analyze and predict their future appeal to prospective marketing firms and advertisers, respectively. In today’s economy, neither advertisers nor agencies can afford to leave much to chance. And as they investigate new marketing technologies or third-party services, they’re looking for assurance.

The “audits” are a free service of, the International advertising industry client and agency match-maker launched in 1997. Chuck Meyst, Chairman and CEO remarked, “For prospective agencies, our free new business audit runs their online profile against our past twelve months’ advertiser search history and lets an agency see whether and where they would surface as a qualified candidate.”

“Until recently, any agency looking to purchase and install a new business program was limited in their ability to draw a distinction between options. And prior to the introduction of our new proprietary audit, it was difficult for our consultants to predict the extent to which an applicant agency would see “action.” For years, we had to speculate or take an educated guess.  With our new audit, that’s by far a more precise indicator of agency magnetism!“

How the Audit Works

For the agency audit, the AgencyFinder search engine takes the agency profile built by the prospect agency and exposes their data (a sub-set created from over 500 data-fields) to all registered client searches that occurred in the previous 12-months. For every client search where they match as a qualified candidate, they’re able to see each client’s business category, location and budget. It’s based on fact and real searches, not speculation.  This powerful tool produces a printed report, available to the agency and unique to AgencyFinder. Agency applicants interested in the Free New Business Audit can register here:

A Litmus Test for Advertisers Too

AgencyFinder provides a similar service for advertisers as well, allowing companies to discreetly test their search criteria to make sure it yields the best potential marketing partners for their job.  Meyst explained, “In the case of advertisers, the novice or veteran CMO can take advantage of our free registration by using search tools furnished on our site to specify the ideal marketing partner from more than 500 matching agency data-fields.”

“Those agencies that surface as qualified candidates can be confidentially examined on-line in thumbnail profile; once the advertiser holds their due-diligence interview with our search consultant, they’re given access to each agency’s full profile that includes all claimed data-fields, seven credentials essays, case histories and an agency website hyperlink – all accessible before the advertiser invites the agencies to participate in a full-on review.”

Any advertiser considering a new marketing partner or adding agencies to their existing roster is able to cast a wide net to “audit what’s out there.”  If they like what they see, AgencyFinder will also manage the search itself – from preparation of the RFP (known here as the RFD – Request for Dialogue), to agency invitations, follow-up and in-process advice and counsel.  And that too is offered at no cost to clients with budgets in excess of $100,000.  Advertisers interested in the Free Registration and Search Audit can register here:

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Founded in 1997, AgencyFinder’s agency search and match-making service is offered at no cost to advertisers and their marketing staff. The service is funded through annual subscription fees paid by voluntarily registered marketing firms seeking to be found and hired.

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Pappas Group Turned Down a Chance to be Featured on National TV …

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AdAge Agency News carried the story Monday that the Pappas Group agency turned down the opportunity to be featured on AMC’s “The Pitch”.  Author Anthony Pappas did a great job explaining why, and with just one exception, everyone who “posted” agreed.  The story is worth reading.  You should be able to find it here, at least for awhile:

I chose to share our experience and posted this comment:

Sound decision. In actuality, most final presentations of three or more contenders are resolved based on chemistry, compatibility, philosophies – all else essentially being equal at that point. If apparent to the viewing audience, that might be more than awkward to explain or understand for those viewers who would be expecting some flashy, whiz-bang presentation to (as they so often say) – blow them away! That attention to personalities might suggest that there is no “magic” in the creative process and we know different!

Chuck Meyst,


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