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Are advertisers looking for your agency? Let’s find out!

Up until recently, it was difficult to predict whether an agency would be a good candidate for client searches. For years, we had to speculate; even venture a guess. Then we hit upon the audit concept, and that’s by far a more precise indicator of agency magnetism!

We understand you’d like some assurance before and ever after you make the registration decision. So we’ve created a special package – Iridium Enrollment plus Agency New Business Audit – and both are FREE!

For the Agency New Business Audit,our search engine takes the completed agency profile you build and exposes your data to all registered client searches that occurred in the last 12-months. That process produces a report that’s yours to keep. For every client search where you surface, you’re able to see each client category, budget and their location – and it’s not guessing. It’s a powerful tool and only AgencyFinder has it!

Free Enrollment at Iridium: After the audit, set your record active and you’re on the Iridium Plan. You’re eligible to receive value for your data entry. Your information entitles you to be found and displayed in Agency Namefinder and to be identified as a candzidate in a client search. So no matter what, finish your profile and set your record active!

Begin your agency audit below (scroll down to enter). Within moments, we will e-mail your User Name and Password. Bookmark this page, because you’ll return and pick up again at Continue Data Entry below. Use that link to enter CONFIDENTIAL agency data and attributes. That takes about ten minutes. When you’re finished on that page, click at the Audit Report Please link.

Within 2 business days, (pending applicant backlog) you’ll hear from an AgencyFinder consultant. Our comments will include a critique of your agency’s experience, services, market-savvy, website, Internet presence and your potential for landing new clients at AgencyFinder. And all that is FREE!

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