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In the tried and true spirit of the advertising industry, we’re proud to announce V6.0, another milestone for

imagemap2In our commitment to be the Number One agency & client match-making service, we never set out to lead the industry in graphic design or website development. Matter of fact, our initial position was not to try to compete with our agencies, since that was their turf. Here’s V1.0 back in 1997. And we maintained something along that line until early 2002. We introduced our “globe” version that year or as one associate called it, the “marble.”

Over the last year or so, we’ve seen the emergence of the agency full-screen, scroll-down site. At first glance, many are most striking. Real up close and personal and in your face! But many start to crumble at user-friendly navigation. A full-scroll top-to-bottom reveals very little content. It’s only if you search and find the often-hidden navigational tabs do you discover there’s more!

We were intrigued and decided to take the plunge. But what you’ll see with V6.0 is full-screen up-close-and-personal with a blending of “brand new and conventional” that we hope you like. Let me hear from you.

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Agency Selection from the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Agency Database Gets Overhauled

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The “New Look” for an agency selector service, AgencyFinder, is more than just a cosmetic improvement.

AgencyFinder’s Newsroom provides agency searchers and advertising agencies alike the ability to read up on the latest news concerning the advertising industry, as well as updates within AgencyFinder’s database of marketing professionals. See the latest search announcements for clients utilizing the power of AgencyFinder for their agency selection. Agencies can also utilize the power of AgencyFinder and see a client list of businesses that have recently registered. Anyone can sign up for AgencyFinder’s newsletter and receive updates on the latest client search news and FlashReports for agencies. Along with all of these tools AgencyFinder also provides a Pitchcast which gives the latest news of notable new business registrations, as well as a blog to assist individuals and businesses alike in understanding agency search. The newsroom is a one stop shop in understanding the evolution of the advertising industry as well as agency consultancy and agency search.

(Richmond, VA, May 2, 2011) – The only constant in the world of advertising and public relations is change. At least that’s what it’s seemed like for a pair of professions rocked by economic downturns; a media industry turned upside-down and collapsing corporate marketing budgets.

“There has never been a more critical time for agencies to pursue new business and for clients to find and pair up with the right marketing partner,” said Charles Meyst, CEO of and, the most comprehensive worldwide database of ad agencies and public relations firms in the industry. Mr. Meyst’s business blends the matching technology of a dating service with its own, unique blend of one-on-one consulting to help hundreds of clients find the right agencies every year.

Finding and hiring the best ad agency or PR firm for your business isn’t something you do by just typing key words into a search engine or looking up in a “yellow page directory.” There’s a more involved methodology to it that produces the best results every time,” continued Mr. Meyst. “We’ve honed that methodology over the past fourteen years.”

And now, for the first time in nearly half-dozen years, AgencyFinder is undergoing a significant change in their web interface and advertising agency database. “So many things have changed and improved over the last five or six years that we felt it was time to freshen things up a bit and make the registration and search processes even easier,” explained Mr. Meyst.

By adding video enhancement, deepening the Q & A database and introducing a streamlined 21st Century agency invitation and client evaluation platform, AgencyFinder now serves as a comprehensive online resource for both advertising agencies, marketing firms, and PR firms in search of new clients and for clients who need an agency review or to find new or additional marketing service providers. “There are 86 pages of content – from how-to’s to more than 3,000 case studies and 21,000 or more agency essays – all to make it easy for agencies and clients to evaluate and select the perfect candidates,” claimed Mr. Meyst.

Along with the increased pool of informative articles, the site also went through a design change that made it easier to use. “Our new logo exemplifies our approach to simplification and greater focus on bringing together clients and agencies,” said Mr. Meyst. “We’ve done it so often that it’s easy to take for granted. Our re-design process helped us completely re-think how we worked and how we serve both advertisers and the agencies that pay our fees.”

AgencyFinder’s agency selection service is offered at no cost to advertisers seeking agencies or to consultants working on their behalf. The service is funded through registration and subscription fees paid by agencies when they build their profiles and set their records “active.” If an agency’s record surfaces in a search because their attributes matched or exceeded the client’s specifications, those profiles, including the agency’s website-link, are ultimately presented to clients for consideration.

AgencyFinder assisted in the placement of $214,000,000 in new business with registered advertising agencies, PR and marketing firms last year.

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About AgencyFinder – AgencyFinder and its companion web sites and is a service of Business Partnering, Int. (BPI), a Virginia corporation founded in February of 1997. The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with clients and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships. Searching is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff. Advertising agencies and public relations firms (right-sized for budgets less than $100,000 to more than $200 million) pay an annual registration fee to be in the on-line database and to be eligible to participate in AgencyFinder-managed reviews.

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