Client Testimonials

SnailWorks works with printers, mailers, and production agencies to help them follow the delivery of their direct mail and to make it more effective.  It’s a technical product with very specific marketing requirements.  It is overwhelming to search the vast array of agencies in the marketplace and to find the right fit.  AgencyFinder offered a sophisticated tool to narrow our search, and their CEO, Chuck Meyst provided the personal support we needed to find the perfect agency partner.

Our business provides a blend of online wizardry and personal service to help our clients optimize their direct marketing – AgencyFinder and Chuck did the same for us, narrowing down a universe of possible candidates to a manageable number, and guiding us through the process.  In the end, we had a difficult choice among three highly qualified agencies.  The whole process was made faster and more focused with the AgencyFinder’s system and Chuck’s guidance.  Without them, we’d probably still be searching.

August 9, 2021

Dave Lewis, President

“Our agency search has been a long process, but we are quite satisfied with the variety, skill set and professionalism of the agencies we received proposals from. In the end, McDaniels Marketing brought some extra connections and benefits that were hard to pass up. As a result, The Honey Bee & Monarch Butterfly Partnership has signed an agreement with McDaniels Marketing. Thanks for your help and support through this process. I’m sure we never would have come across McDaniels Marketing without the use of AgencyFinder, so this has been a very valuable experience for us”

October 13, 2016

Peter Berthelsen
Pheasants Forever, Inc.
Director of Habitat Partnerships

“Our company needed to find an agency partner that fit very particular criteria. The agencies I was finding on my own were either too big or too small, had too narrow an expertise or were not specialized enough. And they seemed either a bit too hungry or too busy to value our business. AgencyFinder was able to help us identify shops that were just the right size, with the set of skills we sought, and all were delighted to get our call.

Among four strong contenders, we selected a fantastic group that is going to help us stand out in a sea of sameness in our industry. I am very happy with the guidance that Chuck and AgencyFinder provided to make this happen.”

January 19, 2015

Kim Ross-Mathes, Vice President of Marketing

Woodside Homes

“When MGM Resorts C-Level management asked me to get involved with finding our corporate Agency of Record I welcomed the task, but quickly realized it was ripe with opportunity for disaster…I spoke with several peers, but they only had generic advice and I needed specifics – that’s when we found AgencyFinder and things began to take off! We were able to easily and quickly find everything we needed on the site to build out a credible knowledge base of scope, industry norms, and “gotcha’s”, and then came the best part, we were able to laser target Agencies (many of whom we’d either never heard of or if we had – didn’t know how to get a hold of) that fit the very tight profile we were looking for like no other tool I’ve ever seen in the Supply Chain profession. At least we thought that was the best part – then Chuck and his team of professionals surprised the heck out of us with a series of personal follow up emails and phone calls that turned out to be some of the best and most cost effective consulting/advising we’d ever experienced. If you’re looking to find a great Agency, AgencyFinder get’s my highest recommendation.”

November 29, 2014

Mike Inman, Former Head of Global Procurement
MGM Resorts International

“Having participated in a number of agency searches, I can say the AgencyFinder procedure is very productive in that it is timely, efficient and less of a distraction to
everyday business associated with traditional agency searches.

The anonymity of the process assures only a highly qualified list of potential agency partners are considered without having to respond to unsolicited phone calls or e-mails from agencies going to every VIP in the corporation.

The process is easy to follow and manage with a clear sequence of steps associated with a detailed time line. The task of defining prospective agencies does not become overwhelming as the recommended checklists help to focus on objective criteria set against a predetermined set of requirements.

The process has proven successful for us as we have connected with an agency that has exceeded our expectations by keeping us ahead of the myriad of ways consumers need to be reached in today’s digital environment.

I would highly recommend using the AgencyFinder connection when seeking to partner with an advertising agency best suited to help grow your business.”

November 28, 2014

Patrick C. Anello, Director of Marketing Services, Home Products
Wahl Clipper Corporation

“Famous Smoke Shop is the country’s largest American-owned online premium cigar retailer. We needed to partner with a PR agency that would help us achieve two important goals: help us place the right content to heighten awareness of Famous Smoke Shop within both budding and developed consumer demos, and tune the message in a way that would allow us to take advantage of the ancillary SEO benefits. Through AgencyFinder’s detailed RFD process, we were able to find an agency that had established contacts with key news, financial & men’s lifestyle publications, and able to meet all of our needs. Due to this success, we have expanded our client assignments and have found agencies within these additional fields; branding, media planning, and place-based media buying. Chuck’s proven methodology makes it easier for his clients to succeed – I appreciate the hard work AgencyFinder performed and would recommend them to any business that is in search of a Public Relations partner.”

October 13, 2016

John Lamberti, Director of Marketing

Famous Smoke Shop

“AgencyFinder’s tools made work that seems insurmountable to a small business, doable and fast. In the end their process allowed us to identify a partner that understood our business. We successfully identified a great consultative partner to grow with. ”

January 25, 2015

Amanda Holt
Head of eCommerce Operations

“The AgencyFinder process went well. Their people were helpful and able to provide a reasonable list of agency candidates to work from. Would like to have seen more EU choices, but the ones I had were good. My criteria were very limiting and I was glad to have the choices I did. NOAH (the winning agency) did a great job in presenting and their strategy was right on. We are aggressively moving forward with them. So far they appear to be a good match for us. I was very pleased with Chuck Meyst’s assistance. Not sure how else I would have gotten this done and achieved the results I did.”

November 30, 2014

Joe Fahey, General Manager
International Marketing, Yamabiko Corp. (dba ECHO) Ohme, Japan

“As a small business with a lean workforce, our management team recognized the need to bring an ad agency on board to help fill some voids in our marketing operation. This being our first agency search, we were less familiar with the process and quickly learned that there was a plethora of agencies that wanted to work with us; however how were we to know which one would be the best fit? This is where AgencyFinder saved the day! AgencyFinder’s proven methodology of taking critical input from clients and guiding them through each step of the selection process was invaluable and ultimately led to us selecting an agency that was a perfect fit for our business.
Having now gone through the agency selection process with AgencyFinder, I wouldn’t do it any other way, and highly recommend their services whether this is your company’s first agency search or 100th!”

November 29, 2014

Nick Bustos
V.P. of Marketing
Calmer Corn Heads, Inc.

“Your AgencyFinder process was very easy to follow and manage from my side. Everything was straight-forward and clearly
explained. We received a lot of choices that fit on our marketing budget and industry experience. Agency websites being what they are, unfortunately we had to rely on those websites to understand their capabilities. That was the only way to find out more detailed info.

Your staff was always available to answer questions and had a lot of useful info and insight to help us make an informed decision. Because it’s hard to find a database of potential firms, most of our agency leads come from word-of-mouth or cold calls. I prefer to see samples of work to gauge if the firm is a true fit for our brand and AgencyFinder gave us a wide variety to choose from.

The initial agency telephone interviews were very helpful; that gave a great foundation to build a relationship, and the agency visit and tour was very important too; it let us see the agency’s operations first hand and meet other staff members we normally would never meet. We were able to see equipment, samples of work, talk to the creative directors, etc.”

November 27, 2014

Jim Topalian
Alpine Electronics of America

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