Client Testimonials

Thank you AGENCYFINDER for a job well done!

“Having wasted nine months trying to find a suitable advertising firm ourselves, you were able to identify several good potential advertising firms quickly and effectively. Your process, personal guidance and expertise made it happen. Our new firm is great and we are achieving our adverting goals.

Because of what we sell and our desired advertising needs, we required a special firm. Profitability at Work is a successful, small company whose clients are large corporations, mostly Fortune 500 companies. The decision-makers for our services (customized business acumen training for current and emerging mangers) are usually at the senior leadership level. Combine these factors and a desire to better promote our services using both inbound and outbound promotion, we needed help finding the right firm – a firm with the talent, right chemistry and know-how to help us. With AGENCYFINDER’s help we found a great firm.

I would (and have) recommend AGENCYFINDER. Determine your advertising/marketing budget, stick to their methodology, complete their Request for Dialogue (RFD), follow their guidance, and you’ll find the right firm your business – we did.”

November 24, 2014

Sheldon Mutchnick, President
Profitability at Work, Richmond, Virginia

“I’m Mike Railey C.E.O. of Wavejet. We make light weight propulsion devices for surfboards, kayaks and light boats. When looking for a P.R. firm to help us launch our new brand, I became lost in a sea of agencies. There are just too many. Trying to look at all the websites for a partner is not the answer. I soon realized I needed help. In my Internet search, the first company I came across was AgencyFinder. I’m so glad I did!

Their top notch professional service and easy-to-use program made a
normally grueling task fun. All you have to do is follow their guidelines and you will end up with 2 or 3 excellent matches from the thousands of agencies that are out there. You could never do as thorough of a job on your own. We ended up with a perfect match and have been with our firm for over six months with great results. I may never have found them without AgencyFinder and that would have been a shame!”

November 23, 2014

Mike Railey, C.E.O.

“I greatly appreciate your AgencyFinder efforts for finding PR firm for us and for your real attempts to make things going. I would thank you for all, for your involvement and for your care, you had definitely done much more than just finding PR firm for a customer.Zecurion is an award-winning, global enterprise security company that fights insider threats at multiple levels with its products: Zgate, Zlock and Zserver Suite. Its software secures and protects confidential data at the server level with patented “adaptive multithreaded encryption” technology, and provides companies with unparalleled control over peripheral devices, as well as information sent across the network.”

November 23, 2014

Alexey Raevsky, CEO
Zecurion Russia

“When we decided to embark on finding a local PR Agency in the Los Angeles area, we were unsure where to begin. We started putting feelers out and was referred to They had an entire process laid out that was very easy to follow. With the detailed steps, I could tell this had been taken from much experience. I was able to reach out to, meet and consider firms I never would have thought of without agency finder. The staff was helpful and very timely in their responses. I worked with Chuck and he was very patient as he explained why each step was important as I tweaked the process to fit my internal timeline. The initial telephone interviews helped everyone to get clear on the mission. The suggested agency visit and tour was key as there was an opportunity for a chemistry check before either side put forth more effort and resources. I would use AgencyFinder again and I would them recommend to others. Thanks!”

November 21, 2014

Rhema S Hernandez, Sr Manager, Regional Marketing
Panera Bread, LLC, South Carolina

“Having previous agency search experience, I found the process exhausting having to do the work and research on my own. I was thrilled to find AgencyFinder on the web to take this burden off my hands. Chuck was just the guiding beacon that I needed to help me with our search. We’re a small firm with a small budget, but that didn’t stop Chuck from helping us find a great agency that was anxious to take on our needs. The entire experience was quick and
easy. I think we probably saved 6 months time using Agency Finder – and at no cost to us!

I would recommend AgencyFinder to anyone like me that needs help combing through the myriad of agency’s out there to find just the right one for you. Count me as very satisfied customer!”

November 19, 2014

Alexey Raevsky, CEO

“Foresters™, an international life insurance provider, recently completed a successful AgencyFinder search for a marketing communications firm that will help us raise our profile and demonstrate how, as a fraternal benefits society, we use our financial strength to contribute to the well-being of families and their communities. Following the AgencyFinder process was as easy as 1,2,3. From more than 60 agencies who met our basic criteria, we ultimately identified a short list of four outstanding firms. The entire process, from signing up with AgencyFinder to selecting the winning agency took less than 2 months – a feat we doubt could have been achieved without the powerful combination of the AgencyFinder process and Chuck Meyst’s personal guidance and support.”

November 23, 2014

Irene Shimoda, Director
Corporate Communications, Foresters, Toronto OH

“With AgencyFinder, Red Apple Reading found the perfect marketing agency to meet the needs of our growing company. It was an absolute pleasure working with Chuck — he dove in on day one and aggressively sorted through thousands of marketing firms. We are relatively new to the advertising world, so he spent a considerable amount of time and effort guiding us through the process. We couldn’t be happier with the firm we found — they are relatively close, extremely professional/knowledgeable, and have so far met every marketing need we have. Thanks so much, highly recommended!! A++” -Jason Bennecke, PE, MBA, PMP — CEO, Red Apple Reading, California

November 23, 2014

Jason Bennecke
CEO, Red Apple Reading

“In 2010, South Carolina’s independent, not-for-profit electric cooperatives began exploring an unprecedented investment in home energy efficiency programs for the people we serve: our member-owners. We needed to partner with a full-service integrated marketing agency to meet our consumer marketing, communications, public relations and other related objectives, and we turned to for help. AgencyFinder’s online forms and processes — and their expansive database of agencies — were most helpful in refining and focusing our search. Within a few hours of logging on to the website, we were contacted by phone and walked through the initial steps of a successful search process. The advice shared in that initial call and subsequent ones led us to expand our search to include a broader geographic area, an important change that ultimately led us to two of our top four finalists and ultimately to our agency partner. Equally important was AgencyFinder’s insistence on scheduling initial telephone interviews and, later, site visits to several of our semifinalist agencies — experiences that proved invaluable in better understanding agency culture, getting to know key staff and fielding questions that provided insights into how each group processed information and worked to overcome creative and other challenges.”

November 22, 2014

Lindsey F. Smith, Director of Public and Member Relations
The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc South Carolina

“We were seeking an agency with broad capabilities, new energy, creative thinking and experience in our industry. The process of creating a list of agencies by location, or some arbitrary internet search of capabilities, was obviously not the efficient or effective way to go about this daunting process. Culling agencies based on their website & cold-calling those that offered some indication of compatibility seemed daunting. The best case scenario, it would have been a time consuming and somewhat random search. At worst, it would open the field for agencies that did not fit my bill to hound me for years to come.

Agencyfinder simplified, and frankly dignified, the process. I felt that the search was encompassing, easy to cull, and provided me with a very detailed description of capabilities, size & experience, insight into agency philosophy, and more. Agencyfinder also provided a nice introductory platform from which to make initial contact. I was able to get the selected few agencies working on an assignment quickly, and then make a final judgment based on performance. One agency stood out as a clear winner –making the final decision easy. The one initial brand assignment has grown to several more in a very short period of time.

Working with the AgencyFinder staff has been a pleasure in every way and I recommend them highly.”


November 20, 2014

Marlene Ross, Vice President, Marketing
Health Care Products, Amityville, NY

“Finding a new ad agency is not an easy undertaking. All of my contacts were on the West coast and I had not yet developed a network in my current position. By researching the internet, I came across AgencyFinder and called Chuck. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through the search process. His processes were easy to use, straightforward and as a result, 5 agencies were identified as potential partners. All through the process Chuck and I regularly discussed search status, results and next steps. He was very good at keeping us on track and moving us through applications.

The initial telephone interviews were critical as they really helped narrow down the candidates from 11 to 5. Then, taking a road trip to the agency’s offices and touring them provided a much more in depth understanding of their team makeup and personalities. Remembering that I spent a lot of time with past agencies, it was critical that we met the teams in person so that we could determine whether we “clicked” or not. All in all, I felt the process was not only objective but comprehensive for what we were looking for. We have now just begun the process of immersing the agency into our world and are excited about what the future holds.”

November 10, 2014

Dana E. Quillen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen, VA

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