Who Pays? Agency Fees Versus No Fees for Clients

who pays?

For advertisers, this is a free agency search service …

AgencyFinder is supported by subscription fees paid by advertising agencies, marketing and PR firms that voluntarily register to be included in our database .… and we can’t put it much clearer than that.

The thinking behind charging advertising agencies fees to support this service was simple. Advertisers, like consumers, shouldn’t be asked to bear the cost of their search when they’re seeking to purchase services. It’s the agencies, as sellers, who stand to benefit, and for them it’s their investment in “new business development outreach.” They’re seeking introductions to the hundreds of advertisers who visit and search at AgencyFinder to find and hire new marketing partners every year. As a result, we’ve held to two key principles since our inception:

CLIENTS NEVER PAY:* Registered Clients (advertisers or consultants working on their behalf) NEVER pay nor have they ever paid (since inception in 1997) to receive our search & consulting services.

AGENCIES PAY:* In North America, registered agencies have a choice of four (4) plans.  One is free; the rest are at modest fees and illustrated below.  Our “no obligation due-diligence” client telephone interview is a critical component of each plan.

AgencyFinder Annual Membership Plans:

Four (4) plans are available for agencies of any size, age or experience.  We offer payment options – by agency check, credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

1.  Iridium Plan – Register and build your Profile, then update as often as you wish. It’s a free 12-month listing-only.

2.  Manager Plan – Pay your $500 Registration fee; you’re fee-paid for 12-months of unlimited invitations and due-diligence client telephone interviews.

3.  Director Plan – Following your due-diligence client telephone interview and on your first Contender* decision, pay the Contender fee (ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on budget) and you’re paid through final presentations. Total agency Contender fees capped at $5,000 over 12-months. Contender fees less than $5,000 credited to 12-month total.

4.  EVP Business Plan – Pay your $2,995 Annual Fee and you’re fully fee-paid for 12-months. No Registration Fee;  No Contender fees. Unlimited invitations, due-diligence interviews and contentions.  Plus automatic first-right of-refusal referrals on near-by low-budget searches.

* See respective Terms & Conditions

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