Unique Agency Search Service

The RFP process is obsolete. Wading through tons of irrelevant documents and pitches from randomly selected agencies is a thing of the past.

AgencyFinder’s unique search service is fast, fair and complimentary for those seeking a new or replacement marketing partner! We actually introduce you to qualified agencies.

Ever since our early beginnings, we’ve worked hard to see that AgencyFinder is unique in the advertising and marketing profession – an objective search-and-selection consultancy, capable of handling almost any size account or marketing project quickly, efficiently, fairly and confidentially.

How are we able to do this?

We have one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of advertising, public relations and marketing agencies in the world to benefit advertisers as a lead generator. Each of our more than 3,900 registered agencies and their 8,000-plus worldwide offices are seriously seeking new clients and have built profiles using more than 500 data points evaluated and tested for selection each time an advertiser conducts an agency search. Our proprietary process generates dozens of qualified agency candidates for almost any account.

Once qualified agencies are identified, the human work begins. We assist and guide clients through the process of inviting, interviewing and selecting their new advertising or marketing partner. Our RFD (Request for Dialogue) takes far less time than any other process and is welcomed by the agency community. And for clients, the price is right.

You see, our complimentary service is for clients and consultants to use at their pleasure. And that’s because dues from our registered and subscribing agencies pay to keep AgencyFinder operating and working as an “introductory host” by putting them in touch with millions of dollars in client new business each and every year. You might say our name says it all,  AgencyFinder.  That we can do, but back when we introduced AgencyFinder and were asked, we found it difficult to explain how we worked in just a few words. Now we simply say – “We’re the e-Harmony.com or Match.com of the advertising industry” – and everyone seems to understand.

Advertiser – Ready to get started?

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