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AgencyFinder is Simple and Precise & Makes Hiring an Ad Agency, Public Relations or Marketing Partner Much Easier …

Selecting and hiring an advertising agency to participate in your corporate destiny is an important mission-critical assignment.

Whether this is your first visit, or a repeat of many agency searches, our Internet and off-line consulting process is designed to make your work quick, precise, easy and free. AgencyFinder gives you all the tools you need to make a no-cost, comprehensive search and selection of appropriate candidates. If at any time you’d like to consult with our experienced staff, call us at 1-804-346-1812

Here’s a summary of our no-charge Agency Search process:

Started on Your Advertising Agency Search with AgencyFinder1. Click Here for your free registration. Create your User Name and Password, follow instructions and select [Begin Searching].

2. In most cases, at this point, you’re likely to receive a telephone call from our office. We do that just to be certain you know your search is without cost and whatever you do, it’s highly confidential. We can address your questions then.

3. After your initial data entry, we guide you to where you begin, where you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and why. What you tell us is confidential and for internal use. You can stop at any time and return later. Your work is always saved and remains confidential. Ultimately, but only after you approve, that text gets integrated into our Request for Dialogue (RFD) we prepare and eventually distribute to your selected agencies.

4. Next you’re presented with a range of agency attributes. Select those you want your ideal agency to possess. Start with those that are mandatory; then add secondary or optional attributes. As you do so, in the lower left-hand corner you’ll see the candidate list grow smaller. Yet each selected agency will possess every one of the attributes you specified.

5. Narrow your candidate list to 35 or fewer, then select [Continue]. Here you’ll get to know the agencies, sense their personalities and passions as you read their essays and case studies. Agencies are presented anonymously so their names or reputations won’t prejudice your search. The playing field is even; only those with attributes you specify and attitudes you like make your cut. If you want to add a brand-name shop or two, they’re in the database, so just tell us.

6.  After you review all agencies, mark those you wish to examine further (last column – Invite Yes), select [Include Selected Agencies]. This lets us know you have completed your online review and shows your selections. We’ll give you a call to discuss your choices and talk about next-steps.

7. You aren’t expected to select your final candidates from the “micro” profiles you just examined at Step 5. Once we’ve talked, and after we too have conducted multiple searches using your criteria, we’ll send you a spreadsheet of agencies that meet your criteria. You’ll access their website as a clickable link, learn their identities, capabilities, past and present market experience. You now have unfettered access to each agency candidate where you vet them to your satisfaction. You still can de-select anyone for any reason.

9. What happens next? We send your invitation and RFD to your candidates and ask they contact you. Their call and “due-diligence” interview is an “ask & answer” proposition. While on-line, they can take you through a myriad of presentations to help you decide. You’ll get to examine on-line samples of each agency’s work and evaluate the potential for great “chemistry”.

10. After the call, each agency should decide if they wish to “contend.” If so, they know to send you a package of materials to demonstrate their suitability. You evaluate materials from each agency – keeping some and rejecting others. We highly recommend you visit those you liked. That agency site visit gives you a chance to meet their staff, observe the agency, see their work, hear how they operate and now decide if the chemistry is there.

11. Final presentations. Of the 5-6 agencies you visited, identify your 2-3 finalist agencies. Invite those agencies to your headquarters for final presentations. If you wish, we will consult with you regarding content and procedures for that final step.

12. Well done! You should have a great new marketing partner and see a near-term significant boost in business.

AgencyFinder is a consultant-enhanced no-charge Internet process. You’re not expected to do this alone, so any of our telephone consultations are vital components. If you want guidance or assistance beyond that, we’re here to help. For a more detailed explanation, visit our Advertiser FAQ. Happy searching!


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