AgencyFinder’s 2015 Growth and Survival Tips for Marketing Firms

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AgencyFinder’s CEO provides 5 tips on expanding business and attaining new clients in 2015.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Because the coming year poses new business expansion challenges for advertising and PR firms, AgencyFinder, the marketing industry’s largest online search and selection service, has released the top five ways to recruit new clients in 2015.

Soft measurements like “awareness” or other “feel-good” metrics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. New business will come to the agency that understands the “hows” and “whys” behind what they do.

The team looked closely at the primary obstacles faced by the leading marketing and business publications over the past six years, and with the results, were able to identify the top five ways to land new marketing clients in the new year.

  1. Find the right prospect and make sure the right prospect can find you. This means examining how your agency is presented online, and re-evaluating the various “channels” you use to generate leads.’s profile process helps ensure high quality matches with prospects looking precisely for what you have to sell.
  2. Spot new opportunities before they arise. Over the past four years, major brands have reacted to newly evolving consumer segments by diversifying their agency portfolios via assigning new brand extensions (with smaller budgets) to small and medium-sized agencies.
  3. React quickly to opportunities. Whether it’s responding to a request for more information from a prospective customer or evaluating real-time data from a client’s website and responding with a new campaign idea that extends their brand’s message, agencies are expected to react quickly and professionally to opportunities when they occur (whether that falls into a traditional production cycle or not).
  4. Prepare for slow pay from big clients. As procurement departments continue to exert more and more pressure on the agency-client relationship, agencies and PR firms are sure to see more pressure build for greater “accountability” and more bureaucratic red tape when it comes to getting paid on time.
  5. Be accountable for the right things. While some agencies may push back on the client’s desire to hold them more accountable for measurable outcomes (see number 4, above), please note that this is often standard protocol. Soft measurements like “awareness” or other “feel-good” metrics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. New businesses will come to the agency that understands the “hows” and “whys” behind what they do.

AgencyFinder CEO and Chairman, Chuck Meyst comments, “Many of the challenges facing marketers today are also faced by the agencies who want to help them succeed. Every year, industry trade publications and associations come out with their lists of the top challenges marketing professionals face. With a hint of irony, he continues, “And with very few exceptions, the lists are pretty much the same thing they were the year before – with a few new adjectives and hot marketing buzzwords salted in for flavoring, of course.”

The professionals at helped facilitate 191 new agency-client relationships in 2014, proving that these tips lend results. The firm guarantees an objective review of 3,000 international marketing service providers to help locate the right firms to execute new opportunities as they arise. With this online service, agency-client interactions are immediate. offers face-to-face meetings between marketers and agencies both early on and in final presentations. After the initial credentials review, AgencyFinder works to get clients and agencies together for an on-site agency tour and chemistry check.

“We’ve seen great long-term partnerships develop,” says Meyst. “I think a lot of that has to do with the quality of the matches that result from having both the client and the agency complete and then make evaluations using detailed surveys outlining their requirements and capabilities.”

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