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“Having participated in a number of agency searches, I can say the AgencyFinder procedure is very productive in that it is timely, efficient and less of a distraction to
everyday business associated with traditional agency searches.

The anonymity of the process assures only a highly qualified list of potential agency partners are considered without having to respond to unsolicited phone calls or e-mails from agencies going to every VIP in the corporation.

The process is easy to follow and manage with a clear sequence of steps associated with a detailed time line. The task of defining prospective agencies does not become overwhelming as the recommended checklists help to focus on objective criteria set against a predetermined set of requirements.

The process has proven successful for us as we have connected with an agency that has exceeded our expectations by keeping us ahead of the myriad of ways consumers need to be reached in today’s digital environment.

I would highly recommend using the AgencyFinder connection when seeking to partner with an advertising agency best suited to help grow your business.”

November 28, 2014

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