A Genteel UK Transition @ agencyfinder.eu

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Two years ago April 6th, 2008, we introduced AgencyFinder to the United Kingdom, and entrusted our ground operations to the good folks at Reardon Smith Whittaker in London. Now, at the end of that 2-year arrangement, after lengthy examination of alternatives and very amicable negotiations, we’ve decided to go our separate ways.

Our two years with RSW have afforded AgencyFinder an opportunity to learn more about the UK and its marketing culture. It’s also given us an opportunity to befriend a number of highly qualified and talented agencies. So even though we won’t have a physical presence in Europe, AgencyFinder will not be leaving the market.

In fact, the AgencyFinder business model is designed to accommodate agencies and clients at great distance from headquarters, and with few exceptions over the past 13 years has it been necessary to visit anyone face-to-face. Not that we don’t enjoy doing so and look forward to doing that in the future, but the heart of our process is our large, all-encompassing agency database, not sit-down “consultant briefings.” We’ve already been able to validate and confirm this during recent UK searcher interviews.

We’re not like conventional search consultants or intermediaries. The AgencyFinder database consists of thousands of agencies worldwide and we use that database to objectively evaluate each agency against every opportunity. The precision of our match-making depends on your agency’s profile, not how you did or did not “impress us.”

More than 500 data-fields, seven essays and case-histories draw clients to your firm’s record; then we give them access to your profile and from there they examine your website. When everything clicks, they ask that we introduce you to each other. The remaining issues of creative and chemistry are best left to you both to determine during direct communication with each other. Certainly there’s more (in the details) and you’ll find that on the website or we’re happy to explain via email or over the phone.

When planning the UK launch, we considered the differences between agency search in the US and the UK and did make subtle adjustments to accommodate. But over time, we’ve come to discover we share a common bond – clients need great agencies; agencies need great clients; all with minimum fuss and expense! I’ve always been fond and had interest in England; evermore so 18 years ago when I married a wonderful woman from Woking, Victoria Bowring. Vicky still has a large family in Salisbury that we visit from time to time and will continue to do so. This new arrangement certainly suggests we need to visit more often, and when we do, we’ll find a way to gather together to meet!

We’re working on a long-overdue fresh, contemporary update to our website and I’m anxious to share that with you. I welcome your thoughts and input. More details will be forth-coming. Thanks for being an AgencyFinder agency!

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