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This is interesting but not at all surprising. An annual review of website traffic and search criteria at AgencyFinder shows people are more open to solutions from non-traditional marketing service providers than in prior years.

Of the findings, AgencyFinder Chairman and CEO Chuck Meyst said, “If you look at the hundreds of search inquiries we’ve processed over the last 18 months, you see more and more clients willing to meet with the entire spectrum of marketing service firms – from integrated marketing firms to shops specializing in digital, social, experiential and other mediums.”

Continuing, Meyst said, “Over the years, ‘ad agency’ and ‘advertising agency’ have morphed to become marcom, integrated marketing communications, digital, interactive, experiential, shopper, crowd-sourcing, social media and more, all contributed by well-intended individuals seeking differentiation. But advertisers regard those distinctions as services. Clearly there’s a difference between what giant corporations desire and what many small to mid-sized clients desire, but regardless of size, most suggest they’d like a marketing partner to provide whatever discipline is called for.”

Yea, yea, yea. It’s the old bundle or unbundle conundrum. One day marketers want an integrated solution. Another they want a specialized shop with expertise in one particular area. And that cycle is likely to continue. One thing is certain though. If agencies don’t have (or acquire) the skill sets marketers seek, they will, for sure, be in trouble. Marketers want (and need) so much more than what a typical agency can provide.

No doubt, agencies will forever always say, “Oh we can do that.” But the days of saying that and sliding by by “partnering” with another firm that actually does the work may not last. It’s just too easy to find a firm that does exactly what you want without all the overhead of an ad agency.

Hmm. AgencyFinder might want to consider changing its name.

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