First Social Media Company Focused on B2B Needs Proven Partner

Written by ChuckMeyst2015 on . Posted in Pitchcast

Silicon Valley startup offers an online B2B Social Media Community to help you: Make more and faster vital business-to-business connections; Find and connect directly with new customers and business partners; Patented online tools to manage, track, and accelerate your business opportunities.
We have our version 2.0 site launching on January 7. This new site will have a completely refreshed look and feel, much cleaner lines, and it will include our new Facebook like social media elements to support the existing profiles our service offers today.
Here’s the catch: company is talking with Venture Capitalists but has yet to close the deal. Says planning on a budget of $6 Million and needs a researched marketing report to confirm or deny that budget. Wants an agency to have “skin in the game” and offer report in exchange for business award when financing confirmed. Any interest?

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