Ad Agency New Business Tool Kit

Invaluable agency tools for new client acquisition …

Keeping your profile updated and current with AgencyFinder is more than modifying a listing in an on-line directory. Once you’ve made your $500 Manager Plan annual Registration fee (make payment here) and your record is up-to-date, you can take advantage of a wide range of professional new business tools and services for advertising agencies, public relations and marketing firms. Tools, tips and techniques developed by the staff at AgencyFinder North America and our London affiliate.

Your development tools & services for new registrants or those at Iridium level:

  • Free Subscription to PitchCast – our email blog that announces current search activity
    (Real-time broadcast of newly registered client searches, US and UK; you can track the action)
  • Free, No-Cost Agency Audit – our consultants counsel you to make your record magnetic
    (We audit your agency data file; for all agencies regardless of fee status)
  • Agency Namefinder – free agency name look-up regardless of fee status.
    (Clients who already know your firm’s name can find and review your file)

Additional tools & services for all $500 fee-paid Manager, Director & EVP Business Plan agencies:

  • North American & Worldwide exposure at
    (Your agency is a candidate for selection by anyone, anywhere, anytime)
  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Outreach to pre-qualified clients actively seeking new or replacement agencies
    (We’re always open and AgencyFinder searchers are seldom tire-kickers)
  • Unlimited Introductions & telephone interviews to ready, searching clients and search consultants
    (Those who search tend to be ready to hire; for projects and AOR relationships)
  • Power Index™ – your own assigned AFPI (AgencyFinder Power Index™), the industry’s first agency Scorecard. (Your AFPI score distinguishes your firm from others equally qualified)
  • Free Subscription to Flash Report– our exclusive agency current-events newsletter.
    (Valuable business development tips, business awards, trends and updates)
  • Open Client Referrals – open to any $500 partially paid or fully fee-paid agency
    (If qualified by attributes, location or more, you’ll get contact information so you can pursue)
  • New Business Telephone Consultation – call and pose your most difficult questions!
    (Call when you have a special question or client challenge – for $500 partially paid or fully fee-paid agencies)
  • Easy & Convenient Payment: pay by credit card, check, PayPal or wire transfer

Additional tools & services for all fully fee-paid Director or EVP Business Plan agencies:

  • Immediate Client Pursuit – as a paid agency, you’re authorized to proceed forward to contend and compete with no delay during any client review
  • Client Referrals – (Designed for clients with smaller budgets, quick turn-arounds or limited projects) – We introduce one or two fully fee-paid agencies on a first-right-of-refusal basis
  • Merger & Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances – looking to partner up? We’ll facilitate the introductions at no charge


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