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Your agency voluntarily registered with AgencyFinder:

wanting pre-qualified prospect introductions. Now, because our process identified your agency as meeting this client’s search attributes, and as the result of subsequent conversations with the client, your firm is among a small pre-qualified group of Registered & Certified agencies that have been selected by the client to respond to their invitation.

It’s our desire to run an uncomplicated, straightforward review process that is fair to your firm and to the client. Our objective and purpose is to introduce our worthy and qualified registered agencies to clients we authenticate as best we can with the time and information available. Our service and our fees are based on these introductions and not on any outcome thereafter. We wish you the best.

As much as we’d like to, we cannot and do not warrant:

the Request for Dialogue (RFD) contained in this client invitation. Nor can we warrant your agency information to this client. That’s why (as long as you’ve paid your Manager Plan $500 annual registration fee) you’re authorized to conduct your first no-cost telephone due-diligence interview with this client to decide if you will accept or decline this opportunity. Almost immediately following that interview, if you don’t decline to us and the client, or if you do anything to become a Contender* (follow-up telephone conversations, confirmation e-mails, sending materials by e-mail, USPS, FedEx, etc., meeting the client, etc.), you are meant to become fully fee-paid. You are not fee-paid if our email indicated you needed to make payment.  You can make that Contender Fee payment Here now.

You also have a second option:

that of enrolling in the EVP Business Plan prior to your interview. See Plans & Prices Once fully fee-paid, you may respond to this and all client introductions for the remaining 12-months of your subscription. You are not expected to pay “each time” you contend; you pay only once in a 12-month period as long as you have reached the $5,500 threshold or if enrolled at EVP Business Plan. Clients advise us which agencies become Contenders* Fee-paid agencies are free to respond to this invitation with no restrictions.


Clients and consultants Never Pay to search at When registering, your management agreed to our terms which include payment of our fees (in advance or upon becoming a “contender”) to receive the benefits of our service.

If you have any questions prior to contacting the client, call us immediately. If you are not able to respond as required, please telephone us to decline or to request an extension.

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