Certified Agency Search Consultants

Supplementing a Search with a Certified Search Consultant

One of the appeals of AgencyFinder is that it is a free service to advertisers. You can conduct a fast and discreet search for the right agency to add to your agency roster, to handle a specific project or replace your incumbent marketing services provider … all at no charge.

But there is a cost.

Conducting an objective and productive search takes organization and time. Even with the efficiencies and speed built into the AgencyFinder process. And some advertisers don’t have the time – or, frankly, the patience – to go through all the steps required to achieve a successful outcome. Consider this:

  • If you’re a corporate decision-maker under a lot of pressure to deal with managerial decisions that fall outside of the marketing arena;
  • If you’re a busy marketing manager or Procurement Officer who doesn’t have hours to spend on the phone discussing the nuances of a creative brief over and over with a half-dozen prospective agencies;
  • If you don’t like to say “no” to people and the prospect of having to tell seven of the eight really great agencies who ALL want your business that you’ve decided on someone else …

You should seriously consider hiring one of our Certified Search Consultant referrals to help with your search.

Fees range from a small percentage of your annual marketing budget (in some cases) to a fixed amount (in others). All of AgencyFinder’s Certified Search Consultant referrals are committed to meeting the following guidelines:

  • Timely response to phone and email inquiries made by both the client and prospective agencies;
  • Complete interface with AgencyFinder staff to screen, evaluate, invite and conduct pre-due diligence interviews with agencies to ensure compliance with the rules of the selection process;
  • Documentation of the agency and portfolio evaluation processes used on the client’s behalf;
  • Regular progress reports to both the client and to AgencyFinder on the status of the search;
  • Coordination of on-site agency tours by the consultant and client – held in a timely manner at the client’s convenience;
  • A summary report of the search process and final recommendations for the client’s action;
  • Assistance with preparations for agency final presentations at client headquarters; then evaluation assistance if desired.
  • Phone call follow-ups with each agency participating in the review to advise them as to a final decision reached by the client.

If you think working with a Certified Search Consultant might be the best way for you to proceed with your search, feel free to discuss your options with AgencyFinder to identify the “third-party” most suited to your assignment.

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