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PitchCast is a unique solution for unusual client searches …

Our powerful and far-reaching search engine has faithfully served its purpose for years, but there are times and situations where there are better ways to begin … DSCF1869 (4)

Our search engine is designed to find and surface just those agencies that meet your definition of what you want in an agency. Our search platform lets you identify as many as four (4) vertical markets (or business categories) and many, many services. Add to that agency type, size, location, employee count, market specialization – you get the picture.

You can see how that search definition would eliminate many of what just might be the perfect agency; particularly if they can illustrate some of what you called for is not needed. So ………

A Far-Reaching & Worldwide Agency Search Solution

Our far-reaching and world-wide solution is PitchCast, what begins as an anonymous e-mail broadcast to our entire agency database, outlining the essence of your agency requirements but not identifying you! We present your skeletal RFD (Request for Dialogue) and pose the question – Is this your agency? Is this your sweet spot? Would you like to meet this client?

If they answer YES – we suggest they feather their cap with some relevant examples. Once received and collected here at headquarters and tagged to identified candidates, we’ll give you access to their full profiles and website links in our database; you make your invitational selections from there and – PROBLEM SOLVED.

Let us manage a PitchCast review for you!

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