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North East Tobacco Retailer Ready for Public Relations Assistance

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The Opportunity: AgencyFinder is managing a review for a US North East tobacco retailer. This company has been in business for years; has customers world-wide serviced through mail-order. They have an elaborate e-commerce website, and publish and distribute product catalogues. They continue to meet marketplace demands through internal growth and cross-departmental collaboration of fully staffed marketing, merchandising, web development and creative groups. They are a most impressive company and will surprise you as they did us!

The Assignment: They’re looking for a firm with significant PR capabilities and with top contacts within the news, financial & men’s lifestyle publication industry. Their intention is to increase the consumer awareness of their company through content placements featuring or referencing their company and their products and to reap the ancillary SEO benefits from this type of PR strategy.

They have authored their Request for Dialogue and indicate a budget of $10,000/$15,000 per month. Whether you’re a full-fledged public relations firm or a marketing firm with considerable public relations capability and experience, this could be perfect. Let us hear from you!

Food Product Manufacturer Looking to Re-brand – Can You Help?

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This is a leading manufacturer of quality food products for both private label and store brands.  Expert bakers and product development team produce a variety of baked products for some of the country’s top retailers .

We are looking to rebrand our company to better position ourselves in the market place. This will include but not limited to Logos, style guides, website, social media, events and packaging design. Location North East. Budget – TBD.

The Folks Who Perform Thorough Background Checks Need to Hire an Agency – Southern CA Location

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Our company delivers global background checks, drug testing and employment verification services through an innovative platform to help companies hire the right candidates, so they can grow successfully, and efficiently — no matter their size or where they operate. We’re seeking a third-party firm to assist us with refreshing our visual identity and messaging. We want to incorporate “helping people get hired” concept. It is our goal to have the project completed by April 2016. Specific Deliverables: New visual identity, Revise corporate collateral/communication templates, Revise brand/style guide, Create Message architecture Microsite that explains brand promise, Revise corporate brochure, and New Ads/creative that support new message. Budget TBD. Location: Southern California.

People Love the Taste of Chicken – Can you Help This Producer Sell More?

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This south eastern company is engaged in the production, processing, marketing, selling and distribution of fresh and frozen chicken and some other prepared food items. Even though they are one of the largest, you may not know their name. Much more would identify them, but for this assignment (agency of record) they are looking to • break through the clutter to attract attention and awareness • resonate with their target audiences…as understandable and believable • persuasively convey and convince their target consumers that they continue the responsible use of antibiotics as the right thing to do not only for the health and humane treatment of chickens but also to keep safe, affordable protein available for a growing population in a sustainable manner. Client indicates a budget (using our pull-downs) of $10MM – $25MM.

Kid-at-Heart Agency Needed for Growing Toys & Games Manufacturer

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Is there a twinkle in your eye, are you constantly thinking of new ways to play or entertain children, or are you bored with “adult” stuff? We’re looking for an agency that thinks beyond boundaries, that enjoys ongoing challenges, and is attracted to more than a modest budget. What would you do, how would you improve things, what fresh ideas could you bring to our $2.5MM budget? Midwest location.

B2B Management Software Company Seeks AOR

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We develop, code and produce Business-2-Business Management Software for the Retail Industry flooring industry. Our Clients are small (up to $500,000 in Gross Annual Sales), to large (Over $1,500,000 in Gross Annual Sales ) and we’re currently working with a company with sales in excess of $800,000,000 company. We are searching for an Agency or Record (AOR) that possesses direct experience with innovative Advertising, Marketing, Promotion & Public Relations of Business-to-Business. Retail Software Solutions. Hate to be picky, but THIS IS A PREREQUISITE. Kentucky location; Budget $.5MM

Established Publisher of Metaphysics & Spirituality Seeks Publicity Agent

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Established publisher (circa 2003) looking for publicity agent to assist selling seven (7) new novels in 2016. Small budget will grow moving into 2016. If you’d enjoy being involved in the realm of metaphysics and spirituality, this could be for you. This not being handled as an agency search, but as “first right of refusal.” Investigate yourself at: Then contact David Arran Anderson directly in Panama City, FL at: 850-252-0706 or e-mail at

Calling all Farmers, Need Help Selling Corn Heads!

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As home of the world’s first narrow row corn heads for 12-, 15-, 20- , and 22-inch rows, this Midwest company continues to build state-of- the-art custom-built corn heads in any number of rows, in any row width and any color to meet the unique harvesting needs of the farmer. They also sell patented residue management kits and components such as their patented replacement stalk rolls, weed knives, multi-zone beveled stripper/deck plates, drivers and idler sprockets, and gathering chains. They’re seeking an agency with significant experience in the Ag industry to assist their internal marketing department on the following fronts: Assist their marketing department in improving its integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach with clearer and more consistent messaging across all channels. They seek a firm that is familiar with the end user of their product (farmers) and industry trends to help in this regard. Budget $.5MM.

Control, Quality Control That Is – and We Need Publicity & Website Upgrade

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Boston-area inspection/audit/QC service business looking to revamp their existing website and increase traffic before, during and after! Our “turf” has been quality control in the areas of aviation, aerospace and defense, but you don’t necessarily have to have previous experience in those verticals. You need to have substantial B2B business experience and we’d like to see that in the area of professional services including tech. A mid-sized agency would represent a good fit. Budget less than $100,000 but no media – all fees.

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