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Dog Lovers Unite – They Can Roam & Play But They Can’t Leave

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There are dog fences and then there are dog fences. There’s the conventional “picket fence” but that costs a small fortune. And a good dog can dig out from under. Then there’s the buried wire. But past owners know it’s possible to break those wires in unexplained ways,  and you can also loose battery power. Enter WIFI Technology. Works great but needs an adept agency to tell the story on paid social media. That you? Budget for fees and production looking at $250K.

I Say Fiber! I Say Fiber! But When I Speak of Fiber It’s Not the Kind You Eat!

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For this southeast telecommunications provider, we couldn’t have said it better. They’re seeking a full-service agency with a strong focus on digital, experience in the technology sector and expertise in consumer marketing, acquisition and retention campaigns, digital knowledge in paid and organic tactics and lead generation. They’re expanding statewide and are focused on growing their bulk community business. The selected agency will need experience in growing brands, improving and building upon reputation management and concepting messaging when products, offers and target audience are not consistent.

Their RFD leaves little to the imagination and little un-explained. With an overall budget approaching $2MM it’s something you should explore if you’re qualified. If we haven’t already found you, let us know.

Your Plain-Jane Factory Ride Needs Some Pizzazz – This Client Sells Parts & Accessories that Bedazzle!

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Well-established Eastern client provides consumers with a full range of branded automotive accessories with market leading functionality, engineering, quality, and design. All of the products in the client family are recognized as premier brands and are leaders in innovation. Their in-house agency does most of the work on their large e-commerce website. They’re looking for an agency-partner to develop and produce a brand campaign for their online retailer.  Marketing objectives include: brand awareness, increase penetration of their vehicle accessory categories, develop an enthusiast following coupled with profitable revenue from the website. They’re looking for expertise in building a large DTC (direct to consumer) brand, think Experience in automotive and enthusiast brands is a strong plus. Budget: $10,000,001 – $25,000,000 (client to provide details during initial telephone interview) Covers: Advertising (fees, production & media). If your agency should be a candidate and hasn’t already received our “New Client Interest in Your Agency” email, let me know.


Direct mail still delivers – but not enough anymore. Maryland company seeking a partner.

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We provide mail tracking and multi-channel marketing coordination.  Today’s direct marketers don’t just send “a mailing” – they create campaigns. Landing pages, PURLs, QR codes and more – they’re all integral parts of the direct marketing process. We’re an integrated direct marketing platform designed to tie a whole spectrum of marketing channels together in a single system. We been around for awhile, but might describe ourselves as moving from a start-up configuration to a more established company. We seek an agency that can grab on and carry us forward and up. Budget: $100,000 – $250,000 (client to provide details during initial telephone interview)

Smile – But Not Because You’re On TV!

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There’s more to a pretty smile than pearly white teeth – they have to be straight too. Do you remember or did you actually experience what it took to straighten teeth? Metal bands around each tooth, then wires wound through and around each tooth, then the dentist twisting those wire until your face hurt! You couldn’t really smile for fear your lips would get stuck on those damned wires!

Well, this client needs a robust and very nimble and flexible partner as their staff is lean and they’ll need to build out plans for launch quickly. They have the upper hand, since proprietary techniques deliver more predictable, esthetically pleasing results. Budget pegged at somewhere between $500,001 and $1,000,000. West coast location.

East coast client seeking mid-sized agency with a strong background marketing products to women for hormone-free birth control

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Client with robust $1MM PR budget says they would like firm to provide public relations, earned media coverage, influencer marketing and other related services.  Your experience could include  product categories like organic food, naturally formulated cosmetics, women’s personal care, and baby products marketed to moms, etc. Our product is a 100% hormone-free prescription birth control method so prior experience with a lifestyle-related, FDA-regulated product or elective cosmetic procedure would be attractive. Pharma experience is not a requirement. In the AgencyFinder process we chose cosmetics, toiletries, feminine hygiene products as prior client experience. Budget – $1MM

Help This Firm Fight Unsightly Pimples; They’re Calling For a Clean Sweep Using Direct Marketing

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Established Midwest manufacturer of body cleansing and prepping products, primarily for athletes, now ready to tackle the bane of adolescents – pimples! Interestingly, not looking for digital whiz kids; rather seeks conventional proven direct marketing techniques. You’ll need experience with Cosmetics, toiletries, feminine hygiene products and Drugs (prescription & OTC). Budget yet to be announced but will cover fees and production only.

Could You Handle This Consumer & B2B Publicity Campaign to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California?

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In order to meet its climate objectives, California must take purposeful action to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To facilitate this, a group with common interests has come together to develop, advocate for, and support a comprehensive agenda to aggressively reduce the carbon footprint in California.

The group is spearheading this effort with feedback from the varied interests represented by a team of stakeholders and funders. The mission is: eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the environment. Can you claim previous experience in the environmental (as in Green) and non-profit sectors? Let us know immediately. A detailed RFP is available. Budget $350,000 fees (no media).

Could Almost Do This Brand Refresh With Hands Behind Your Back – Right?

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This West Coast investment firm is seeking a branding agency to help refresh their brand to prepare for their next phase of growth. Their RFP and our RFD will provide key background information, goals for the brand and the company as a whole, and qualifications seeking in a brand/marketing partner. Founded in 2015, they’ve outgrown their original “tech startup” brand and brand voice and have become a platform that has helped investors generate interest from over $1.5 billion in real estate loans.

They’ve become the leading company in their market and have a very bright future. They’re ready to transform from their original brand – a humble, young, cool, disruptive tech startup located near the ocean that relied heavily on the reputation of those involved to build credibility and trust – to a trusted market leader who leverages innovative technology and a strong track record to democratize investment in one of the largest markets in the world. They currently have no brand or marketing agency relationship. Budget: nominal $100,000 in fees

National Professional Healthcare Association Recruiting for Website Rebuild Proposal with Million-Dollar Budget but Not in WordPress!

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First glance and you might assume most agencies with WordPress experience could tackle this one. But upon closer examination, not so! We’re working with a Midwest professional healthcare association. They’ve asked us to find them an agency for a complete and comprehensive examination, evaluation, analysis and necessary rework of their entire website. Since theirs is an existing website, they need an agency or agencies with experience in Adobe Experience Manager. But they are open to using one agency for UX/Creative and another for AEM development – as long as this approach fits within their budget. Looking for vertical market experience in Associations, Institutions, and Unions. Already in play. Budget listed as $1,000,001 – $2,500,000 

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