When Your Invitation Comes

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1. When Your Invitation Comes
2. Essays Finished?
3. Agency Exhibit Opportunity


If you’ve received one of our many client invitations, you know the drill. Study the opportunity, examine the search criteria, research the client, determine if there’s a conflict, and if not, telephone the client within four business days. Test the water, measure the chemistry, ask your hardball questions about business plan and budget. Conduct your due diligence and decide if you want a spot on their short list. Tell them; please tell us.

About that introductory phone call. Based on our experience alone, we can tell you that faxes, e-mail and even voicemail “disappear” under the strangest circumstances. Don’t stop at just one call. These

clients picked you; they know who you are and they want to speak with you. If you don’t get a call-back, try again. Extract yourself from their voicemail and find a human. You were asked to call; make that clear to the gatekeepers.

If that doesn’t do it, try fax or e-mail. But if you can’t penetrate their armor at this stage, maybe they’re not right for you. That’s always your call.


We’ve added more bells and whistles, so when your agency makes their cut, clients move right to reading and evaluating your essays. If you’re missing any, you’ll get an auto e-mail alerting you to those that are. You’re given two business days to complete them. If you can’t, do so for the next hit.

Some clients have mentioned typos. It’s a good idea to check what you have posted; accuracy is one element clients are evaluating.


Our thanks to the agencies that sent great client samples for display in our new offices. Please note – we’re still accepting participants for that exhibit program. Directors Club agencies are automatically eligible to send us client work-samples for our Richmond headquarters. Iridium agencies may make written request. This work is hung on a rotational basis; we ask that samples be fairly large framed pieces (poster-size) and carry an agency credit plaque.

If you have samples you wish to display, write or e-mail to:

Victoria Bowring

Business Partnering International
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Charles G. Meyst, Chairman/CEO

Business Partnering International, Ltd.
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 USA

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