Summer New Business Adjustments

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Flash Report – May 22, 2001

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1. Summer New Business Adjustments
2. A Day Late and $37,500 Short
3. Fishing for New Business
4. Milwaukee’s M3A


We’re just days away from the agency summer tradition — short Fridays. In good and in slow times, most agencies manage to grab some much-deserved R & R by making Fridays half-days.

So, while you’re all enjoying that special time, we’ll be slogging away 24/7 to help manage just one more great client search to award the business to one more great agency. Please send pictures and postcards of your summer tans!

As an aside, in our “Trophy Room,” and

elsewhere throughout our offices, not only do we have great agency work on display, but a growing collection of agency “coffee mugs.” If you wish to exert your undue agency influence, send us your MUG!


I’m flattered that I was invited to author something for ANA’s May issue of The Advertiser dealing with Global Marketing and Financial Management. With finance as the topic, we took a fresh look at the whole issue of agency searches. The cost ramifications of an ill-managed review are staggering. Get your hands on a copy; the article starts on page 59. See if you agree. Or, call us and we’ll send you a copy.


Not far from our headquarters here in Glen Allen, there are two “fish’n holes.” Yesterday, like always, there were more than 100 Directors of Fishing Development gathered around the first one, dipping expensive lures in and out. Most folks around these parts know that pond is depleted, with no more than a couple of fish left.

As usual, around the second hole (which we perate), there were about 10 Directors of Fishing Development. But our pond is crystal clear and full of great fish, because we stock it daily. We charge a flat fee of $1 per day; Why? Because it costs us to keep it clean and well-stocked.

Late that afternoon, like always, one fisher person saunters over from the first hole, and says “I don’t mind paying to fish in your pond — as long as you guarantee I’ll catch some fish.” I answer, as always, “That’s why there’s a fish market. But you’ll pay 30 times more, and that gets you just one.”

As I head home, I holler over to the gang at the first hole — “Come on over here and fish!” They all look up, smile, and shout back — “Thanks, but we don’t pay to fish!”


May 8th marked the spring meeting for the Milwaukee Association of Advertising Agencies. Scott Rackham of Meyer & Wallis invited agencyfinder to present to the group on “New Business Tips andTrends.” More than 30 members participated and heard our Chairman address new business from the agency’s perspective, then from the client, selector consultant and agencyfinder’s point-of-view.

If your organization needs to book an “expert” to present an agency topic, we can help. Contact Jay Mangan, Director of Agency Services at the number below.


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