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Flash Report – February 28, 2005

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1. Third-Party Search Assistance – Your Input Please
2. What Clients Selected Your Agency? Find Out Now!
3. Goodby Silverstein Creative – A+ or D-
4. Invite Them Regardless


It seems the industry press engages in an on-again, off-again, love/hate relationship with the concept of third-party search assistance. They beg to learn the latest news; particularly who’s searching, who was invited; who did and who didn’t make the cut. A reporter may think they’ve hit pay-dirt if they can get an agency head to dis some-one or the process but subsequently mark themselves with the consultant community. But it’s really about the client finding a marketing partner for the

duration. As I reflect back, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quote from a client on this topic of third party search assistance – good or bad.

It would be interesting to learn who the first client was to hire and compensate a search consultant; do you know? Were looking for your input, experience, and your thoughts on this entire topic. It’s time for an encompassing look (as in article) at ALL the third-party agency search alternatives, from the conventional “big name” consultants, to traditional directories (Redbooks, Adweek, 4A’s, AdForum, etc.), the “Love Boats”, Association Web Sites, Yellow Pages (on-line and printed), media reps, agency agents, to “yours truly” and whatever else gets used to help link clients with agencies.

Please write to share your experiences – what’s worked for you and what hasn’t; the good, the bad and the ugly. And let me know if we can use your name. We’ll offer the final product to an industry source and we’ll also publish it here. Should be interesting…


Back in 2000 we added a feature that shows you how many times your agency was selected in the preliminary round of a client search. That note is posted in color in the sixth (6th) paragraph on the first page of your agency record found at:

In early January 2005, we added more information. On that same page, at Menu Item # 15 (Agency Search Activity Detail), you’ll now find details on those searches. We include Search Date, Client Budget (indicated range), Vertical Markets Desired (as Fields Served) and Client Location (State or Country Only). Use it to your advantage.


Occasionally a client will ask us about the creative work from a particular agency, or their personality or reputation. You’ll be pleased to know we don’t consider that to be our turf, so we render no opinion. We have them, but that has no bearing on selections or the invitations we extend for our clients. That’s why our process virtually mandates the “due-diligence” telephone interview by agency and client before the agency moves forward as a contender. It serves as a early and powerful “chemistry test” and fact-checker.

Unfortunately, Harold Sogard, GM at Goodby didn’t check his facts before he spoke and allowed himself to be quoted by one “west coast veteran

reporter” about their invitation to one of our $25 Million reviews. Had he checked, he would have found that Goodby (Jeff himself) registered the agency way back on December 17, 1998. Maybe Harold was set up by that “reporter”, but even if that’s the case, had he responded to my call or e-mail, he would have learned the truth. Communication in this business is a must.

As a recipient of this Flash Report, you’re either a “certified” agency or registered for this newsletter. But ANY agency invited to respond to one of our client reviews is a “certified” agency. To become “certified”, someone in authority at that agency has voluntarily completed the agency data entry and subsequently agreed to all our terms and conditions – PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Good agency, always great work, but that’s just my opinion.


In case you didn’t know, we strongly recommend to ALL clients that the first time they meet their candidate agencies, it should be at the agency itself. Meaning – we want the first trip to be the client traveling to each candidate agency, rather than having agencies travel to them for a “capabilities presentation.” Client comments in January and February again remind us how important those visits can be. The opportunity to meet most of the agency organization, with it’s blend of personalities and characters (and characteristics) does make a difference. When a small team of agency new business “suits” makes a first trip to the client, it rests on too few, and so often, the wrong few for less-than-desired results.

Whether you’re involved in one of our projects, or you’ve found a great prospect on your own, see to it that the first meeting takes place at YOUR agency.

P.S. – One of our consulting topics is “The Agency Tour as a New Business Tool – the Right Way and the Wrong Way.” Ask about it.

Thanks for taking time to read this; we look forward to getting you face-to-face with a great prospect.


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