Do You Know an Addict?

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Client says “I’d like to get back on TV (I was already on NBC news ); then get exposure on radio, more press and get my name out there to drive clients and sales.

I’ve done business with Hollywood celebrities but as you can imagine, they can’t be used for references. I’d like to find a way to reach that audience and other affluent prospects. My services are not covered by most insurance policies. I am very unique in what I do. I am a therapist that has started a mobile rehab, I do in 10 -15 days what normally takes a 28 day stay — quicker, faster and cheaper. I also certify people to be recovery coaches, I am the 2nd person in the USA doing this.
My practice is new and my initial budget is small. I can budget $12,000 for an initial effort, and more as we see results. If you know people who are addicted, you know the value of turning one’s life around.  That’s what I do … Since I travel to my clients, agency could be East or West Coast.”

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