A Complicated but Successful World-Wide Agency Search

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1. A Complicated but Successful World-Wide Agency Search
2. Check Out Our New US, UK & European Membership Plan and Accompanying Fees
3. Housecleaning Time – Out with the old; In with the new
4. Well Done Everyone; Well Done!
5. Free New Business Counsel – Always Have; Always Will

It was warm outside; you didn’t even need a sweater when the client registration from Yamabiko Corp popped up on my screen. The brand didn’t register but looking at the e-mail tag that read echo-usa.com, I knew. That was the beginning of a rather long and challenging agency search – to find the right agency, in the right place for the good folks at ECHO. “For more than 35 years, ECHO has been a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of professional grade outdoor power equipment. Producing hand-held landscaping equipment for both the commercial and residential homeowner markets, ECHO prides itself on setting the industry standard for its dedication to new technology, quality products and its strong distribution infrastructure.”
The short version of the client assignment read: Yamabiko wishes to find a marketing firm which can assist with • Branding • Point of sale • Communications • Web strategy  Emphasis is on Europe, Australia, Russia and other key English oriented markets. This does not include North or South America.

Working with their General Manager, International Marketing, operating from offices in Tokyo and Chicago, he and we identified candidates in the US and UK. As is usually the case, their process unfolded like this:
We invite 15 or more. At that, 3-4 bail immediately for conflict, workload or budget. Next step in our process is the agency due-diligence telephone interview. At that stage, client or agency decisions eliminate 3-4 more. That means 7-8 elect to send agency brochures, relevant samples and a pitch letter. So far, no “face-time,” no travel expense, no spec anything. Clients that follow our advice now select agencies to meet. Where and how many? About 5-6 and at each agency, not the client’s HQ. That visit consists of an agency tour, their “dog & pony” presentation and a wrap-up Q&A. Plenty of time for conversation, case-studies, chemistry checks and that important question of identifying “who will handle our account?” The perfect 3-4 finalists invariably surface and everyone is generally happy.
Following our encouragement, as semi-finalists, the client visited and toured M&C Saatchi in Santa Monica, Sagon-Phior in Los Angeles, The Integer Group in Lakewood Colorado with a second visit in London, Gyro in London and Noah in London. As finalists, Integer (from their London office and with Tokyo partner) and Noah (from London and with Tokyo partner) traveled to Tokyo for final presentations at Yamabiko.

The last week in January we learned that Noah was declared the winner! To that, Cormack Moore, Founding Partner had this to say: “From our point of view the AgencyFinder process was a seamless one that involved a clear, uncomplicated process for both agency and client from start to finish. We believe the simple, yet very targeted selection criteria provided by AgencyFinder has resulted in a perfect client / agency fit. Early in the process we were able to establish direct contact with the client without an intermediary muddying the waters or trying to control the relationship. The result proves it works for both parties”.
I’m proud of the client, the agencies and our process – for a job well done!

We’ve posted revisions to our membership plans along with adjusted and reduced accompanying fees. By example, Iridium is now our FREE level. Iridium is a white metal, so in the scheme of White, Silver, Gold & Platinum (if we were using those conventions) Iridium or white is the first level. Our second level is Director and when paid, offers agencies unlimited invitations and due-diligence client telephone interviews for 12-months. Our top level is Managing Director and when paid, makes the agency a formal contender in the first and all subsequent client reviews that occur in the 12-month period; Contender Fees now start at a lower level; an agency will never pay more than $5,000 in contender fees in one 12-month period.
Visit here for all the details: https://www.agencyfinder.com/agencies/north-american-subscription-plan/ &  http://www.agencyfinder.eu/agencyfinder-subscription-plan-uk-and-europe.shtml
If you have an incomplete profile there’s no reason not to finish it. The Iridium level (for a complete
and approved profile) is FREE,

In our January Flash Report, we mentioned we’re planning some sweeping changes to our database profile elements. Eliminating some that few have used or claimed; then adding new ones that reflect the dramatic technology changes in our industry. When that time comes (we’ll give you adequate notice) you’ll want to login and make appropriate adjustments. What you claim is what you’re found for.   Here are some that are planned:
Services – Additions
Digital production
Gaming (change from Off/Online games)
Mobile apps (change from Mobile marketing)
E-Mail Marketing/e-blasts (replace Direct e-marketing)
POP (Point-of-Purchase)
POS (Point-of-sale)
Product Launches
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to SEM (Search Engine Marketing/PPC)
Shopper marketing
Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Strategy & execution
Services – Deletions
Analyst relations
Audiocassette marketing
Frequency marketing
Geodemographic mapping
In-store advertising and sales promotion
Interior design
One-to-One marketing
Recruitment, employee retention
Rich media
Social intermediary marketing
Social network marketing (blogs, buzz, Wikis)
Videocassette marketing
Virtual marketing
Virtual world development
Web 2.0 development
Web site hosting

Agree; disagree? Suggestions?
I wrote this before but it deserves mention again – “Well Done Everyone, Well Done!” I’m talking about work by our registered agencies. I was reminded that we seldom tell you or praise you … to share how impressed we are with your profiles, the marketing content and persuasive power of your websites and the astounding brands you represent!
Over the years, I’ve reminded you more times than not how important it is for your profile to be current and as magnetic as possible. But I haven’t told you how absolutely impressed (often “blown away!”) we are with your essays; the variety, successes and grand storytelling in your case histories, and finally the incredible brands posted to your client lists. To any observer, it would be easy to conclude that our agencies represent the majority of the world’s finest marketers …
It’s our assessment you’re responsible for outstanding work for great clients throughout England and North America. And that’s driven home daily as we navigate our way through your agency profiles and websites fulfilling our role to guide clients to highly-qualified marketing partner candidates!  
I had to write to say thanks and congratulations!  Keep up the good work!  Well done everyone …

Not wanting to start an avalanche, I do want to mention we’ve always been willing to provide no-cost new business development advice and counsel to any paid-up Certified Agency if you are willing to call and ask. You may have to work to catch one of us, but it could make the difference for you. We cant fit in back and forth email on that topic, but if you want to chat, it does work to send an email to alert us to the fact that you plan to call. Then give us 24 hours and ring us! Nuff’ said?

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