Wellness Program Caters to Cancer Patients After Chemo or Radiation – Tampa Bay Area

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Our service is to cancer patients who have finished their regimen of chemo or radiation and are released from care. Before their 90- day return to the oncologist my program is geared to help them recover their health, strength and nutritional levels in that 90-day period.

We’re getting ready to officially open and we need public relations for open house announcements, event calendars in local papers and health magazines, letters to oncologists introducing service and facility and whatever else is appropriate.

We have another business but this is a new business start-up appealing to a niche market, one man office with 1-2 person staff. We’re hoping an initial budget of $2,500 dollars would at least get us started. We’ve been advised it’s best to find a small agency nearby.  We’re in the Tampa Bay area  Note – No AgencyFinder fees necessary – it’s our gift to whomever might like this. Give us a call at 804-346-1812 for contact information.



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