Digital – To Be or Not To Be?

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  1. Digital – to be or not to be?
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Without studying any actual analytics, I’d speculate almost every agency that registers these days claims to be a “digital” firm. Yet when we look under “Services” we don’t see they’ve checked Digital Production or Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). For the sake of the question and then the answer, someone or some organization ought to take on the challenge of the “definition.” What is a Digital Agency?


We found ourselves looking for a new car a while ago. It’s been some time, but I dialed in at, and found AgencyFinder’s long-lost sister, Not necessarily in appearance, but darned near a spitting image as far as the process goes.

You find the site, choose your model, build your car, get MSRP, find a dealer, check dealer inventory, and get some quotes. Hit SUBMIT and the dealers came pouring out of the trenches! I’d forgotten the similarities. Back in 1998, we went looking to buy a Dodge Durango and had a similar experience. The e-mails promised we’d hear from each dealer within 24-hours. Even gave us the name of the manager who’d be calling.

But the phone didn’t ring! I needed to buy a car so IO ended up calling them and sure enough, they did have the inquiries but were working on some “other” issues. “Do you PAY for this service” I asked. “YES”, they answered, “about $3,000 per month.” I suggested they pay closer attention to the business it was trying to bring them and that they were paying for. Interestingly the one that was most responsive told me he was working “on-line” only and was almost too busy to keep up.  His other “grip & grin” buddies were starving.

Not much has changed, with cars or agencies – but I’m delighted at how close our client/agency matchmaking service parallels that of the auto giants.


Dear Ann, (questions posed by small retailer not using

Are we old fashioned? My Marketing VP and I went to great lengths to ask around, then Google search, then examine, select and invite what we thought were some really fine agencies to take a look at our business as potential candidates to handle our account. We gave them a nice clear invitation, with facts, figures and a reasonable RFP. Maybe we expected too much. Maybe they didn’t realize we already knew who they were. But we did know them – even the name of the person who was supposed to handle their new business process.

Enough did call that we were able to go forward with those and found, then hired a great firm. But we can’t figure those that didn’t call. They just didn’t call – not us; not our consultant. Not even a polite decline. We talk about them and our experience with our industry friends, and they too are puzzled. Are we old fashioned?

Signed – Small fashion retailer with $250,000 budget (PR fees)

AGENCY QUIZ #2For New Business Pros Only

Long before AgencyFinder was born, we (as in Meyst et al) were agency new business consultants. That’s why we share new business tips you might find useful. This quiz, and others we’ll drop in from time to time, are for that reason.

THE QUIZ: You’re excited about making this next call. You finally learned the name of the influential VP of Marketing after chasing many dead-ends. You’ve got a compelling and well- rehearsed pitch that’s bound to make your point.

You dial the phone, and his assistant answers.

With articulate lips, precise diction and a bright, full smile she asks – “Will Mr. Tetras know what this call is about?”

You answer: (Your Options)

1. How would I know, is he some kind of telepathic mind reader?

2. Of course he won’t; not until I tell him!

3. He and I haven’t had a chance to discuss this, so the topic will be new.

4. I’m our agency’s president, so I’ll let him know when he comes to the line I’m taking my time to call…

If you picked “1, 2 or 4”, I hope new business isn’t your full-time job! In this group, “3” might get you past this gate keeper; maybe not! What you’re really being asked is “Does Mr. Tetras know you, and will he take your call?” But we’re continually amazed when we hear it.  And Yes Virginia, they still ask that!!!


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