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  1. How to Generate Valuable Leads in Today’s Media Explosion
  2. Make the Agency Tour Your New Business Secret Weapon
  3. Agency Quiz #2 – Only for New Business Pros
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When new business is your agency assignment, you’re faced with an awesome array of media and method choices to connect with prospects. You can choose between push or pull. Push using targeted email complete with drip marketing, or Pull with your agency as content king. There’s merit to both but I suggest it’s time to look back at what was working pre-media explosion.

Back in the day, when promoting our agency business development training, we practiced what we preached – we armed ourselves with computers, a database of agency prospects, contact management software (ACT), send-me-something mailers, a headset and a whoopee cushion.

First we mailed manageable groups of teasing dimensional mailers. Then we started dialing for dollars. Nothing scripted, but I can assure you, the first few sentences were ingrained after a few calls; anything to start a pleasant, meaningful conversation. Then a simple question – what do you think of what I sent? We were looking for agencies that needed new clients, wanted new clients, were prepared to work to earn new clients, and were willing (even back then) to invest in themselves.

Some calls were painful and some agency receptionists were their own worst enemies. Then again, some were absolute delights. Funny, but we could never predict who was coming next, but I can say that if we stopped because we were told no, or someone hung up on us, that was it for the day! So we learned to press on. Research revealed about 35% of the client or advertiser universe was willing to talk to a new agency about a possible relationship. We assumed those figures applied to agencies as well, so we knew to press on. We also operated on the ten percent premise; that one out of ten in the database would find our offers interesting. So here’s the world’s best, most famous new business “cure” and probably no secret to you; you just needed to be reminded. Mail something, then pick up the phone and call prospects. Many will say no but somewhere between one and three may say yes. Remember, if you’ve had nine “No’s”, your next one is a Yes! Press On! Take control in this sea of options.


Would you rather meet a prospect for the first time at their business or at your agency? Anyone who has tried both will tell you the agency visit coupled with an agency tour is the killer. For that reason, each and every client using AgencyFinder to find an agency is encouraged to embrace the virtues of agency site visits and tours as part of the process to identify their finalists. Don’t be bashful about making that pitch yourself.

Here are some tour tips. Your tour is best orchestrated to move from station to station as much as possible like a job moves through your agency. Many of our agency students have built a tour outline that suggests a route that follows the production of a magazine ad. Begin your tour where the ideas begin; then move forward to whatever constitutes the next step. It’s only natural to introduce the players at each station and a perfect environment in which to discuss that technology or agency strength. If you’re actually using a mock ad and having it unfold as you progress, you have a perfect opportunity to seek input from your visitors. What they say and how they answer will reveal decision-making cues and preferences you can use to your advantage when you really start pitching!

Save your conference room for last; let that serve to field last-minute questions, re- affirmations, and your chance to ask your closing questions. Learn what the client sees as next steps and be certain YOUR AGENCY is involved in those next steps!


Long before AgencyFinder was born, we were new business consultants. That’s why we share new business tips. This quiz, and others we’ll drop in from time to time, are for that reason.

THE QUIZ: You’re excited about making this next call. You finally learned the name of the influential VP of Marketing. You’ve got a compelling and well-rehearsed pitch that’s bound to make your point. You dial the phone, and his assistant answers. With articulation, precise diction and a bright, full smile you are asked – “Will Mr. Tetras know what this call is about?”

You answer: (Your Options)

  1. How would I know, is he some kind of telepathic mind reader?
  2. Of course he won’t; not until I tell him!
  3. He and I haven’t had a chance to discuss this, so the topic will be new.
  4. I’m our agency’s president, so I’ll let him know when he comes to the line I’m taking my time to call as well…

If you picked “1, 2 or 4”, I hope new business isn’t your full-time job! Let’s hope “3” will get you past this gate keeper. What you’re really being asked is “Does Mr. Tetras know you, and will he take your call?” After all these years we’re still amazed when we hear it.  And Yes Virginia, they still ask that!!!


You’ve been asking for it and so have we – try our new website search feature. 22 Years of everything under the sun! Magnifying icon on the header.


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Each year there’s a new batch of enthusiastic agency new business folks. Some come to that table with previous experience; others are brand- spanking new. So – regardless of your status, if there’s something you need with regard to agency business development and you don’t find it here, let me know.


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