Educational Publisher Seeks Powerful Public Relations Partner

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Our company creates products that help grandparents and grandkids connect deeply, have fun together and generate memories that last a lifetime. Our storybooks come to life through games and activities that have grandparents and grandkids playing their way to better relationships. Company planning “Grand Launch” for early September and needs to get cracking! Budget in the $100,001 – $250,000 range for PR fees.  Southeast location.

NYC Environmental Commodity Exchange Looking to Expand On-Line Presence

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We’re an environmental commodity exchange focused on providing the means to trade and transfer futures and options contracts. Current marketing strategy places heavy emphasis on building one-to-one relationships through sales.  Looking for an agency that understands the financial industry as well as the environmental component.  Our customers include banks, trading shops, brokerage houses, project developers, energy companies, utility companies, and other entities legally obligated to manage their carbon emissions through trading.

4-Year Old Midwestern Company Needs PR Firm with Dotcom Experience

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Company provides retail design, optimization and whole-sale e-commerce services to the hospitality industry. We specialize in driving revenues and profits for hotel gift shops, markets and pantries throughout the United States and around trhe world. We would like to expand awareness using PR as an additive marketing tool.  Initial budget covers test and evaluation.

Australian Company Lands In California; Needs PR Firm with Tech Experience

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Company says “Create your own online profile by volunteering honest answers about your demographics, your interests and your purchasing decisions.”  Businesses, brands, universities and market researchers use this information to target you for marketing messages relevant to you or to invite you to answer research surveys which will help them improve their products and make decisions.  In return, they pay you for your attention.

California Near-Ground Aerial Imagery Aquisition Company Looks to Meet Key Entertainment and Production Companies

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We are looking for media professional’s assistance to introduce our service to key entertainment and production companies. i.e.- lead producers and directors anywhere in the entertainment industry, anywhere in the world.

Our service is essentially a turn-key camera system that gives the user the ability to position a camera above ground in all plains and spaces. Budget approx $100,000

European Travel Company Seeks Event Publicity

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We are a travel company headquartered in Germany with offices both in the Old World and in the New World . We are one of the oldest established travel companies in Southern Germany. We’re participating in a major industry event in San Francisco in May 2011 and need publicty to the trades. This is a limited-life project with a budget of ten-thousand US dollars. You will work with our US office manager.

Next Generation Media Platform Company Looking for Public Relations

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Our company is a next generation media platform ompany that enables brands to seamlessly connect with consumers no matter where they are. Working across formats and screens, We make addressable advertising a reality. Our suite of products inspire brands to think differently about their marketing initiatives – combining formats such as video and display and incorporating creative original programming to drive deep engagement and loyalty.

We’re looking to increase brand favorability; strengthen presence in industry; increase SOV; increase sales. We’re interested in a wide variety of services to accomplish our objectives. Budget $100,000 – $250,000 in PR fees.

Reform Jewish Florida Synagogue Seeks Marketing Guidance

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Ours is a 27-year old Reform Jewish synagogue. Membership exceeds 750 families and includes a vibrant pre-school and religious school. We’re looking to outsource many of the marketing and PR functions that we currently handle internally. Marketing assignments focus primarily on recruiting new members, recruiting new students and selling tickets to high holiday services. PR assignments focus primarily on getting press coverage for the many events and programs that we run.  Budget less than $100,000.

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