Our registered agency claims inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing = BS

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By Brian Bennett, president

Inbound marketing is a tremendous advancement in our trade. It is a brilliant culmination of new, integrated technologies and methodologies. The analytical capabilities and accountability it provides are a great leap forward. Soon, inbound marketing will be a cornerstone in our industry.

Unfortunately, many of the pioneers of this breakthrough have gotten too wrapped up in their own efforts to market and differentiate this new discipline and are actually hindering its development with their myopic claims. To them, I say, hear this:

You don’t need to bash outbound marketing to promote the advantages of inbound. 

The development of inbound marketing will not render outbound obsolete or replace it entirely.

Practitioners of outbound marketing are not, by definition, ignorant.

It would be irresponsible to recommend inbound marketing as the appropriate strategy for all marketing objectives. Inbound marketing must be integrated into marketing plans; it should not dominate them. Many outbound techniques such as pay-per-click, event marketing, public relations and advertising are absolutely essential to the success and development of inbound efforts, and to preach to the contrary would be disingenuous on the part of any truly enlightened and capable marketer.

To say that inbound marketing makes outbound obsolete is akin to saying:

Velcro shoes will replace laced shoes
Four-wheel-drive vehicles will replace two-wheel-drive vehicles
Aspartame will replace sugar
Smartphones will replace laptops
Traditional agencies are dead and will be replaced by digital agencies
Remember that last one? Go back about six years and read the headlines in marketing trade journals and you’ll find that this was the buzz. Some digital shops were flush with success and quite certain that they would dominate the industry. Instead, the established marketing community adopted and absorbed digital disciplines when they became established and credible. Those true marketers then integrated that discipline into greater holistic solutions.

Today, inbound marketing is dominated by those who have mastery of the software and core activities that make up the craft. They tend to focus primarily on tactics, but there are many sophisticated techniques that must be applied outside of these core tactics. My advice and request for my soul mates – those early adopters of inbound marketing – is not to degrade the discipline by pitching it as a replacement to outbound but rather understanding that it should be integrated with outbound marketing efforts as part of a company’s holistic marketing plan. Inbound marketing is worthy of great respect on its own merit – don’t try so hard!

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UK Personal Care Business Expanding & Adding Lines

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We are a small yet ambitious personal care business and our lead brand is about to be rebranded . The website will tell you about the brand and the second site will tell you about the company. The first brand is going through more change in the next 12 months than the preceding 18 years. New name, new packaging, new marketing-mix, new positioning and NPD. Looking for an integrated agency to handle all the entire marketing-mix. The company will be launching additional brands beyond, so opportunity for the business to grow as we do. Budget mentioned as £250,001 – £500,000  Covers: Advertising (fees, production & media)

Midwest IT Firm Needs Marketing Strategy and Campaign To Include Web Site, Brochures, Mailers …

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We’re an IT firm specializing in Microsoft solutions; specifically portals, collaboration and Business Intelligence. We’re a Systems Integrator and software development firm. We help customers implement Microsoft solutions (SharePoint related) and if needed, we develop custom solutions to supplement Microsoft’s offering.  Budget $100,000 for fees & production

AgencyFinder Logs 62 Agency Searches in February

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(Richmond, VA) – Agency search and selection activity on the Internet’s largest web site built for that purpose picked up in February, supporting predictions of a major shake-up in advertising and pr account assignments in 2008. AgencyFinder, a web-based service that allows clients to find new and additional marketing service providers saw 62 new searches initiated during the month of February, up by 10 over searches started the month prior.

“The advertising, public relations and marketing trades are all reporting that new business reviews will be increasing this year and our site statistics appear to bear that out,” explained Chuck Meyst, AgencyFinder’s Chairman and CEO. “We’re expecting a 15-20% increase in search activity this year and the numbers for January and February are tracking with those projections.”

Last year, over 850 searches were initiated through AgencyFinder, a service that allows clients and search consultants to tap into their database and identify qualified agencies based on answers to an in-depth questionnaire of over 500 questions. The service is offered to clients and search consultants at no charge.

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About AgencyFinder – AgencyFinder and its companion web site, agencyfinder.com, is a service of Business Partnering, Int. (BPI), a Virginia corporation founded in February of 1997. The service is unique in its match-making process for pairing advertising, public relations and marketing agencies with clients and is intended for use by companies seeking agency support for projects, campaigns or long-term relationships. Searching is free to marketers and supported with complimentary search consulting advice (telephone and on-site consultations) provided by BPI’s executive staff. Advertising agencies and public relations firms (right-sized for budgets less than $100,000 to more than $100 million) pay an annual registration fee to be in the on line database and to be eligible to participate in reviews.

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