Help This Client With Hearing Loss Products Help Me and Others … Can You Hear Me? Can You Repeat That?

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Top International powerhouse in the assisted hearing industry planning to find and hire an advertising partner. Headquartered in Europe but looking for a firm in Metro New York, the project will focus on delivering an impactful launch campaign for a new line of hearing aids. This global campaign must generate awareness with both end users and hearing aid professionals and traffic (leads) into hearing aid clinics. Client indicates a budget of $2,500,001 – $5,000,000 Covers: Advertising (fees, production & media).

North East University Offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Certification, ESL, and Test Prep Programs Seeks to Diversify Student Body

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Our educational institution located in the East enjoys a primarily international student population that have come to us on Student Visas. Now the objective is to generate an American market (new targets) due to our ability to offer Federal Financial Aid and Veteran’s Benefits for education. We believe what we need now is creating image awareness for domestic market students.  We can see the call for many services including media planning and buying. Budget in the $100,001 – $250,000 range.

How Do You Politely Tell Someone They Have a Dirty House? How Do You Politely Let Them Know You Can Make it Sparkly Clean?

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We’ve got lovely, expensive homes to our South and to our North; even here in our neighborhood in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia. We’re in the house cleaning, power-washing and concreate repair business. Power washers are a dime a dozen. I want to stand out from my competitors. Concrete repair is a lesser known business. I aspire to inform and educate what we can do for residential, commercial and industrial clients. I am more interested in the concrete work being the key point as it has less competition and is much, much more lucrative. At my age, I am social media challenged. I will need a team that understands age demographics for the services I offer, as younger people are way less likely to need or afford many of our services. Budget <$100,000

Help Stamp Out Insurance Fraud – Need Your PR to Help Us Call Attention to Those Who Violate

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That’s what we do – monitor the industry for violations and those who violate. It’s not enough to monitor things; we like to call attention to the fraudulent activities and stop them and those like them, in their tracks. You might enjoy the mockery! Terribly small budget but those in the past say it’s loads of fun!  Eastern region. Budget < $5,000

Master Architect will Manage and Direct Your Business – Most Commonly those in Trouble but That Don’t know it Yet! Help Introduce the Two.

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In some respects, this client needs an “agencyfinder” model. However it’s on behalf of a single agency (architect) looking to link up with businesses worldwide that need an experts’ guidance. Beautiful location, expert credentials. Client confesses (so refreshing to hear) know little to nothing about marketing or advertising, except they do expect to experience a return on their investment. Even went so far as to suggest they want the agency to assume the CMO position. Budget $250,000 to $500,000 (fees product & media). Prefer candidates in Colorado.

Office Space on a Limited Budget in a Major City! This Client Has the Answer but Needs Your Help to tell the World

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New landlord has options to suit almost anyone. From private offices to dedicated desks to open co-working to virtual tenancies and starting at less the $100. Who or what business could resist? A new and appealing website tells their story but they’re on a limited budget; as the saying goes, they need to break through the clutter. Can YOU do that for them? East coast location, budget TBD.

Holy Smoke! Another Tobacco Opportunity. This time for CeeGars!

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Their Florida company sells millions of cigars each year and they’re in search of an agency to provide Social Media Management and Print Advertising. Responsibilities are negotiable based on firm capabilities but should include Copy, Photo sessions, Video, Multi-Channel Operation, Customer Service Interaction, Direct Message and relationship building, contests, yearly campaign concepts, copy, layout & design for ads, final proof & upload, photography, ad hoc design. That’s about it. As you might imagine, they prefer agencies with experience in highly regulated industries such as tobacco and liquor. Specific knowledge of working with Tobacco or Alcohol companies is preferred. Budget $250,001 – $500,000 (fees, production & media) That you?

Fashionistas will Fashion this Fashion Account

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World leader in beauty, makeup, cosmetics, hair care, perfume and the list goes on – is looking for an agency with expertise in A/B testing to work with brands in their fashion portfolio. These brands will require varying levels of support, but will all require the following services: Roadmap development and strategic planning, Test prioritization, Test implementation, Results analysis and reporting, Impact tracking on opportunities identified through testing, Guidance on testing opportunities and implementations based on industry best practices and agency expertise.

If your agency is an expert in A/B testing and located in Eastern Canada, or willing to visit our Canadian office for at least 2 review meetings per year, then we should talk. Fees budget in excess of $100,000 annually.

Asset Management in the Construction Industry – They have a New & Unique Approach

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We need a marketing professional’s hands on all this since we’re a start-up company that is evolving. For starters we need: 1) leave-behind piece/brochure – messaging 2) SEO strategy and execution 3) Social Media Campaign assistance – creating content and coordinating outreach. Can you help? Budget: TBD Location: Eastern Region

Oil, It Lubricates the World. This Client Needs to Tell the World

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This client refines, packages and distributes various types of oil, both in their name and under private label. When you discover their market penetration you will be amazed. Now they are looking for brand/product differentiation and content development for digital, video, collateral and POP in B2B and retail segments. A website is also part of the package. Budget: $1MM – $2.5MM Location: Texas

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